BLIND GIRLS is up! + Komuso + Sans Visage tape package / t-shirts 50% off!!! / Crowning + Maree Noire / distro

1) BLIND GIRLS up on bandcamp, tapes shipping this week, tape tour package with Komuso and Sans Visage just $15

2) Over 50 different screamo/hardcore/metal t-shirts…all at 50% off this week with the code “BONANZA”

3) CROWNING / MAREE NOIRE split cassette is up for pre-order and available as a free/donation-based download on all bandcamps

4) Distro update including a bunch of React With Protest Records and No Funeral Records merch

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Envy/Love + Blind Girls + Komuso pre-orders / Euclid C Finder + ZBR shirts in stock

ENVY/LOVE 12” tribute compilation / BLIND GIRLS ‘Residue’ 12” pre-order / KOMUSO 7” pre-order / ZBR t-shirts / EUCLID C FINDER tapes / New distro items (Le Blast Records, Gillian Carter, Life In Vacuum, Hexis, etc.)

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