On May 16th, 2015 I witnessed a ridiculously stacked show that helps show why Toronto has such an amazing bunch of punk, hardcore and progressive screamo. Amazing bands like Foxmoulder and Respire were not even playing and this show had me salivating. First up was WORST GIFT who play stoner rock/screamo? and it was their one year anniversary of playing shows. They killed it. My boys in LIFE IN VACUUM were up next and as per usual they were spot on and brought the house down with the three new songs from their upcoming split. ANIMAL FACES had to fly their drummer back from England just for this show! They played a pretty long set (obviously) and dropped a new track between the older, heavier stuff and the shoegaze/new stuff. Finishing us off was PILE from the US and people went batshit crazy for them. Imagine Queens Of The Stone Age going punk and you've got the right idea. Below are nearly full sets from each band except PILE as I had to go home. You can go here to see a more in depth review of each band and my favourite live song.

1 - Intro-Handwashing as a Formality

2 - Immoral Inventory (Life as We Blow It)

3 - Meowing as a Contribution

4 - C.H.U.Dment Day

1 - The Edge of Boredom

2 - 1984

3 - Passenger Mr. Funstash

4 - Van Life

5 - Black Snow

6 - New Blood

1 - "I'm Out of Tune"

2 - Sleep Tightly

3 - Feels the Same (incomplete)

4 - New Song

5 - Breathe Lightly

6 - Half Asleep

7 - Hold On