On Augst 7th, 2014 UNITED NATIONS hit Toronto at Sneaky Dee's, which I had to attend. I was also pumped to see my boys in FOXMOULDER unveil a new song. I'd never heard BLACK CLOUDS, but I can dish out some obvious foreshadowing - they were great. FRAMEWORKS were slotted as the UN opening act and I was excited to see them, as well.

For an actual review of the band, check out Dave's review on (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) blog here.

FOXMOULDER (full set)

The Toronto screamo veterans unveiled a new song called "Tempest Ill" (that's "ill", not "3" which is a mistake I made at first) so be sure to check out live song #2. I also interviewed Em (vocals) last month which you can watch here.

1 - Far Away Friends

2 - Tempest Ill (new song)

3 - Pine

4 - Rapture (coming soon cuz the site is acting screwy)
until then the link is here.

5 - Ascend

6 - Havelock

BLACK CLOUDS (2 songs)



FRAMEWORKS (3 songs)

1 - Old Chokes




1 - False Flags

2 - Communication Letdown

3 - Risky Business 

4 - Resolution #9 (incomplete)

5 - Fuck the Future

6 - Revolutions at Varying Speeds

7 - Never mind the Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures

8 - F#A#$ (last half)

9 - United Nations vs. United Nations