DREI AFFEN in stock + rare distro updates + Friendly Otter stock

Stock up the ying yang!
***7"s from La Quiete, Joshua Fit For Battle, The Vogue, Mustaphamond, Coma Regalia, Eaglehaslanded, Amygdala, etc.
***9/10/12"s from Since By Man, Adobe Homes, Waifle, Joliette, Human Hands, etc.
***tapes/cds from Heisse, Uwaga, Split Tongue, Comfort Creature, etc.

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KEN BURNS 7" bundle / APOSTLES OF ERIS & THE WORLD THAT SUMMER split / FRIENDLY OTTER RECORDS podcast / ENDAMORI & BIG MACHINE split ready to ship / Distro update -> THE FLYING WORKER 7"s!!!

Some juicy news about a split between APOSTLES OF ERIS and THE WORLD THAT SUMMER, links to the new KEN BURNS 7" and ENDAMORI / BIG MACHINE split cassette. Distro updates include:
Flying Worker - s/t 7"
Flying Worker / Seven Feet Tall - split 7"
Edhochuli - Dream Warriors 12"
Amygdala / Saligia – split 7”
Tonnn / Lice - split 12"

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