FOXMOULDER & COMA REGALIA 5" in stock / Nerves Of Steel + rare stuff in store / VI SOM ALSKADE going to print


*VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET going to print in the next week

*New products from Neil Perry, Kaospilot, Ember, C'est Urekha!, Jiyuna, Virginia On Duty, Congratulations, Life In Vacuum and there's still a few Botch hoodies left in the store

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ZBR Show #1 / CASSILIS music video / OAKEN-MARNOST & PASTEL-MERRIDEW 12"s in stock / TETOLA93 & FOXMOULDER-COMA REGALIA pre-orders

Some things happening at ZBR:
-Cassilis music video for "Groan Sleeve"
-Oaken/Marnost and Pastel/Merridew 12"s in stock
-Pre-orders are up for Foxmoulder/Coma Regalia split 5" and Tetola93 12"LP
-videos from the first ZBR show
-restocks (Battle Of Wolf 359, Delos, Beau Navire, etc.)
-Interviews with Secret Smoker, Off Minor and Saetia

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