TETOLA93 + CHUCK BASS & VI ALSKADE to release on ZBR / Sampler News / Interviews

ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS will be releasing its second sampler in late December 2013. The sampler will be chock-full of bands that will be releasing material in the next 8 months on ZBR, with the exception of Descubriendo A Mr. Mime, whose 12 inch LP has already been released and can be purchased here.

Bands with new/unreleased material on the ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS Sampler #2 are:
Amber, Chuck Bass, Tetola93, CassilisFoxmoulder, GreyscaleLa Parade, Said Goner, Totem Skin and Via Fondo as well as others! There will be a full track-listing posted in a few weeks.

2 big announcements this week regarding future releases:

***TETOLA93*** from Japan will be releasing their final LP on Zegema Beach Records and MEATcube Records. Ryan, who runs MEATcube asked ZBR if we wanted to help out. After giving it a listen, the answer was a resounding yes! If you are a fan of grind music or Yaphet Kotto, this will appeal to you. If you are a fan of grind music AND Yaphet Kotto, this will blow your mind. Check their bandcamp here.

***CHUCK BASS*** initially contacted Zegema Beach Records through the OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain blog submission page. After spinning the band's EP and comp track "Hayam Wuruk/Will You Cross the Skies for Me", ZBR teamed up with CHUCK BASS and VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET for an upcoming split vinyl in early 2014. Both bands play passionate European screamo in the vein of Descubriendo A Mr. Mime/Daitro and Via Fondo/Envy, respectively. Check their bandcamps here and here.

Last week 2 amazing interviews were posted from the OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain:

- STEPHEN BRODSKY answered a crazy amount of questions about Cave In, Mutoid Man and his solo material. Educate yourself about our god here.
LORD SNOW did a 3-part video interview that we spliced together with some live footage from their 2 recent Canadian dates. Laugh and have your face melted off simultaneously here.
- A KEN MODE video interview will be posted next week!

***AMBER*** pre-orders are available below and come with substantial savings. Click on the pre-order below for the discount options.

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