GREYSCALE's debut EP 'A Breath Of Fresh Air' immediately caught ZBR's attention. "The Closer You Get To The Light, The Stronger You Become" has a beautiful introduction that is reminiscent of Funeral Diner. The album then blasts into a frenzy of jangly and discordant screamo on tracks like "The Apology", which is not unlike Hot Cross.

GREYSCALE pump out groove-oriented screamo with lots of slow twinkly bits and mathy chaos. The band incorporates a primary vocalist as well as the drummer, who gracefully picks his moments to maximize the intensity by adding a second, throaty scream. The band's rhythm section is ridiculous. Think Off Minor meets Fall Of Troy. Yep.

GREYSCALE arose from the ashes of Adaje, whose final output 'Yore Veils' was a mind-blowing step forward from their previous work, and was one of the most solid albums of 2012. After releasing the EP discussed above, GREYSCALE recorded 2 songs for a phenomenal split with Coma Regalia and 2 more songs for a lathe-cut 7" that will be limited to a mere 50 copies. It is titled 'Heaven Knows' and is based on the Preacher graphic novel series - one of our all-time favourites! All 3 releases will be in the ZBR distro once they are finalized so check back often! We are thinking spring 2014!