VIA FONDO song premiere / CASSILIS & LA PARADE tracklistings / New merch in the distro

Read the OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain VIA FONDO review and track unveiling for "Not Yet" right here!

P.S. Check out the music video for "Rovaniemi", it's insane. Check it here.

Here are the track listings for the next 2 Zegema Beach releases. A song from each album will be on the next ZBR Zampler that will be released late December/early January.

CASSILIS - 'Quitting'

1 - American 90s
2 - Rat Park
3 - Boat Owners
4 - Bloom Brigade
5 - Softie
6 - Sad Products
7 - Jaw Session
8 - Bone Sled
9 - God Hair
10 - King Jake
11 - Groan Sleeve

LA PARADE - 'Voces del Exilio'

1 - Nuevos Ídolos
2 - Descarne
3 - Noveno Romance
4 - Diez Mil Rostros
5 - Lo Que Fui Lo Que Soy
6 - Ruinas De Infancia
7 - Bruma En Mí
8 - París Ha Caido
9 - Ascuas
10 - Réquiem

Voyage In Coma's extremely rare and out of print merch showed up yesterday. Many thanks to David Krasner for sending this stuff over - even though the band dissolved after their first successful tour. Check them out in the distro section here. Read the band's interview here and discography review here.

Trachimbrod's LP and split with Sore Eyelids have arrived thanks to Paul from Truelove, my German partner in crime. Grab them here and here, respectively. If you like La Quiete, Via Fondo, Suis La Lune and Rainmaker you will love these shoegazey/screamo stalwarts.

With the 2nd Zampler coming out in less than a month, I've decided to take a break from folding those beautiful and godforsaken sampler sleeves. So, the 1st Zegema Beach Samplers "A Trip to the Outer Rings" are officially down to 18 copies left, forever. I ended up making about 500 in total. Grab one for $2 or place an order and you get one for free.