CASSILIS sounds like the aural representation of rust framed as artwork - caustic and abrasive. Their sound is also very intense and chalk-full of head-bangers. The 4-piece has released a demo, splits with Storm The Bastille and Locktender, as well as an EP and a full length album. In some ways, the band that doesn't take themselves too seriously and are very down to Earth, but put some gear down in front of these soft spoken gentlemen and they will tear your goddamned face off. For fans of Ed Gein, Phoenix Bodies and Loma Prieta.

When I first launched Zegema Beach Records in August of 2013, I never would have guessed that one month later ZBR would be releasing CASSILIS' next full length. This downright blows my mind - as does the new record, which is relentless in its assault and yet it is able to retain a proper sense of direction and cohesiveness. The entire recording feels grimy and is soaked in feedback. Classic Cassilis.

Click below to get CASSILIS' Zegema Beach Records 12" vinyl release, 'Quitting'. Orders come with immediate downloads. 'Quitting' will be physically available in June/July 2014 on ZBR, Square Of Opposition, Black Lake Records and The Ghost Is Clear Records.

CASSILIS - Quitting (12")

CASSILIS - 'Quitting'

500 copies, silkscreened b-side, mixed coloured vinyl, big-ass poster.

For fans of: Phoenix Bodies, Brighter Arrows, Callow and Bleeding Kansas.

After sitting on a few select computers for almost a year, CASSILIS' new album is now available for pre-order with an immediate download. There's no point in tiptoeing around the facts - this album fucking owns. The 11 songs on 'Quitting' are without a doubt the band's most mature to date and show the band expanding and focusing on creating cohesive song structures in an a valiant attempt to anchor down the chaos that emanates from anything the band touches. Songs such as "Bone Sled" (aka the band's newest anthem), "Groan Sleeve" and "American 90s" showcase this attention to fluid songwriting, while the tracks "God Hair", "Softie" and "Rat Park" are like refined blades of violent discontent in audio form. This album is not pretty, it's dirty, caustic and viral. I mean, c'mon - the artwork and song titles say it all. Fans of Brighter Arrows, Canyons, Callow and Bleeding Kansas take note, as this is easily one of the strongest releases of 2014.
The breakdowns and freakouts are timed perfectly and executed flawlessly. All pre-orders come with an immediate download of the 'Quitting', so don't pass on this.

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