ZAMPLER Track 15 = Tetola93

TETOLA93 hail from Japan and will be releasing their final self-titled LP on Zegema Beach Records and Meatcube in early-mid 2014. Here is a previously unreleased sample of "Dying For One's Own Corrupt Country" which is track 5 from the LP. If you like your hardcore pissed off, caustic and with hints of clean singing and melody, this very obscure band is for you! Also, the track listing for the new ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS Zampler #2 compilation has been posted...for quite a long time at this point.

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TETOLA93 + CHUCK BASS & VI ALSKADE to release on ZBR / Sampler News / Interviews

-***TETOLA93*** and ***CHUCK BASS / VI ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET ***  releasing on ZBR!

-new ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS sampler with an abundance of previously unreleased material coming soon!

-2 new interviews are up with another coming next week!

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