ZBR Show #1 / CASSILIS music video / OAKEN-MARNOST & PASTEL-MERRIDEW 12"s in stock / TETOLA93 & FOXMOULDER-COMA REGALIA pre-orders

First, here is the new CASSILIS music video for "Groan Sleeve"!

A few releases are being finished up and should be here soon:
COMA REGALIA / FOXMOULDER - Split 5" (pre-order here)
TETOLA93 - Tetola93 12"LP (pre-order here)
CASSILIS - Quitting 12" (pre-order here)
SEVENTEEN AGAIN - Invoke 12" (pre-order here)

There's a lot of stuff at the plants right now, including:
OLD SOUL - Natures 12"LP
OLD SOUL / NIC - Split 12"
RAYLEIGH - Rayleigh cassette
NOUS ETIONS - La Maniere Noire - 12"

Beau Navire, Battle Of Wolf 359, Cloud Rat, Old Soul, Delos, Parents, etc.

Sweet posts:
*STEVE ROCHE Interview of Saetia and Off Minor fame.
*BILLY THOMPSON Interview from Secret Smoker.
*ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS first show videos from: Itto, Life In Vacuum, Congratulations, Sketchbooks and Fossil.

The OAKEN / MARNOST split 12" arrived today! Pre-orders will ship out tomorrow. There's only 30-something left, so if you like doom/post-hardcore/metal/ambient madness I'd recommend picking one up! Stream it in full here and purchase below.

OAKEN / MARNOST - Split (12")

OAKEN / MARNOST - Split 12"

525 copies on black vinyl.

For fans of: AmenRa, SunnO))), His Hero Is Gone and Boris.

The new split between OAKEN and MARNOST is upon us! The split arrived at ZBR headquarters on May 21st, 2014. Prepare to be absolutely annihilated, as this is one of the most punishing and pulverizing slabs of wax we've heard in quite some time. Definitely the heaviest ZBR release.

"Oaken are from Hungary and are personally interconnected with Rivers Run Dry. They play a furious dark hadcore heavily inspired by His Hero Is Gone and Amenra. On this split they have two songs in total length over 17 minutes. Marnost are a czech diy blackmetal/experimental project with members of Gattaca, Remek, Lakmé or Dakhma. Here they offer a 17 minutes song that was initially composed for an experimental dance movie Hamletophelia."

Listen here:

Zegema Beach Records (Canada/World) Bookhouse (USA), Catanarchy (Austria), Dingleberry (Germany), Dzsukhell! (Hungary), IFB (USA), Itai Itai (Hungary), Middle Man (USA), MxFxL (Czech rep.), Prejudice Me (UK), Rotten Raven (Slovakia), THC&DIY (Austria)

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Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Our copies of this beautiful silkscreened split 12" are in and sounding/looking absolutely beautiful! There's only 9 copies left! Stream it here.


For fans of: Suis La Lune, Old Gray, Envy and Explosions In The Sky.

This split is like the offset to the Oaken/Marnost split. This is one of ZBR's more chill releases. PASTEL play a beautiful, thick-yet-twinkly style of post-rock/screamo that reminds me a lot of Suis La Lune and newer Death Of Anna Karina. MERRIDEW is a one-man band that plays ethereal instrumental music that combines a lot of layers, relaxing melodies as well as more aggressive moments. For fans of Explosions In The Sky and Tomydeepestego.

Silkscreened b-side on black vinyl/300.

Listen here:

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The FOXMOULDER / COMA REGALIA split 5" on transparent green vinyl is up for pre-orders. We should have them in stock in June! They sound incredible and have both bands' best work to date. Stream it in full here and purchase below.



Phenomenal 5" split from 2 amazing bands that are very active in their respective communities! Awesome screamo in the vein of Reversal of Man, Loma Prieta, Funeral Diner and Who Calls So Loud.

"After 2 tours together in the states and two trips up to Canada, Foxmoulder and Coma Regalia finally released some split music.

Hand cut, 3 screen, accordion style folded paper covers with hand glued, paint flecked "inserts". Sounds confusing. Takes forever to put together. Looks awesome."

Green vinyl
Florescent green ink cover 50/500
Hunter green ink cover 450/500

Listen here:

Art Colour:
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TETOLA93 is streaming in its entirety on the ZBR bandcamp page here. Dave at OMSB also wrote a review for the band that you can read here.

TETOLA93 - Tetola93 (12")
from 12.00

For fans of: Yaphet Kotto, Killie and Ampere.

The final album from one of Japan's most intense and innovative bands is finally upon us! 14 tracks of despair, hope, passion and fury for fans of Killie, Louise Cyphre, and Envy. Breaking up in the middle of 2013, TETOLA93 tracked one final album that will stand as their legacy - and they recorded entirely by themselves. The album combines re-recordings of old favorites with new epic songs and a fully realized production that brings everything together. This is truly one of the most ground-breaking records to come out of Japan and a serious contender for album of the year. The LP comes on black vinyl with lyric insert & download card sealed in a printed envelope, all in a full-color jacket printed on recycled chipboard. The limited Japanese edition comes with a hand-printed CD-R containing all the tracks and is available during pre-orders ONLY. This album is a co-production between Seattle's MeatCubeLabel and Canada's Zegema Beach Records.

For fans of: Killie, Circle Takes The Squre, Combat Wounded Veteran, Yaphet Kotto, Me And Him Make It Us and I Am Alaska.

Black 12" vinyl. 14 songs.

Listen here:

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