A Damn-Ass Bunch Of News

Via Fondo new track is up to listen to here. LP coming soon.

Seventeen Again pre-order went up yesterday with a full-stream thanks to Funeral Sounds!
Stream here.
Pre-order here.

Cassilis pre-order up and streaming here. Get the fuck on this.

Said Goner art and tests at approval stage. We should have these 12" clear vinyls with black wisps in June. Listen to some songs here.

Yusuke/Lori Berenson split 12" going to print May 20th.
Stream a Yusuke track here.
Stream a Lori Berenson track here

ZBR will be helping out with the Tentacles/Yusuke upcoming split later this year. More info soon. Check out the Tentacles bandcamp page here.

ZBR is lucky enough to be involved with the new Sore Eyelids LP, which will be released in conjunction with the almighty Protagonist Records. More info as it becomes available. Check out their bandcamp here.

ZBR is heading up Old Soul's next 3 releases which will be out this summer.
Nic split 12". Check out Nic's bandcamp page here.
Lentic Waters split 12". Check their bandcamp page here.
Natures Arms Encircle All 12", which can be streamed here.

Rayleigh's demo cassette is going to print next week on cassette. The band is playing some shows in and around Edmonton. Listen to it here.

Merridew/Pastel is on its way to ZBR headquarters. We won't be doing a pre-order, we will just post it when it gets here, which should be any day now! Listen here:
Pastel side here.
Merridew side here.

Chuck Bass/Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket is now in stock, buy it here.

I think Greyscale's (aka GRYSCL) 7" 'Heaven Knows' is on its way to ZBR. Fingers crossed! It can be downloaded here. They also posted their new cassette on bandcamp for download here.

Congratulations' demo cassette is finished recording and should be getting printed in the next month or so after the art is complete. Check out their live set with most of the cassette songs here.

Congratulations will also be playing with Itto, Life In Vacuum and Sketchbooks on May 25th in Hamilton for the first ZBR-organized show. Check the event here.

ZBR was able to hook up Congratulations and The Rabbit Theory for an upcoming split! Congratulations will record their track after tour and this will be the final Rabbit Theory release. More details to come!

The Rabbit Theory recently released they're final LP with fellow post-hardcore/rock band Adolina, 2 new tracks have been uploaded (for a total of 4). Listen here.
The album is now in stock and available here:

Tetola93 more songs up here. The LP is still up for pre-order with a bonus cd of the album, grab it here.

Oaken/Marnost is up for pre-order, although it should be arriving at ZBR any day now. Grab it here.

Øjne/Smile To The Wind tracks are being mixed/mastered for that split 7". I wish I could post them, for they are excellent.

Amber bonus track added as download to Amber/Locktender split 7" so listen here and purchase here.

Virginia On Duty cassettes in stock here.

Piglet and Seyarse products are in stock in both the Records and T-Shirts sections.

Who Calls So Loud...'s discography will be posted for sale in the next few days. Both records were played once in order to make mp3s, but otherwise are in mint condition. They will be posted in the Specials section of the store alongside the Botch windbreakers, which are already 50% sold out, here.

Dave's blog, (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) is 1 year old. Download the mix he made with 32 quintessential tracks spanning some of the best releases of all time, here.