Holy Shit, Look What I Found #3 .GIF FROM GOD repress +VEIN split / ZBR t-shirts / YOUNG MOUNTAIN video+pre-orders

.GIF FROM GOD split 7”s with Vein unearthed, ‘Defragmented…Reformatted’ on 3rd press and ZBR t-shirts for sale until Aug 31st. And there’s a new YOUNG MOUNTAIN pre-order and music video! All of this can be found in HOLY SHIT, LOOK WHAT I FOUND Day #3!!!

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ZAMPLER track 7 = Via Fondo (unreleased)

VIA FONDO is going to blow everyone away in 2014 when they release their 3-song silkscreened 12" EP on Zegema Beach Records and Truelove Entertainment. Check out "Not Yet" and see why fans of La Quiete, Trachimbrod and Deafheaven are shitting their pants. Also, the track listing for the new ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS Zampler #2 compilation has been posted and ridiculous.

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AMBER pre-order Nov 19th / Descubriendo LP / Band Submission & Talent Page

*Zegema Beach Records is officially open next week, as the AMBER pre-order for the their self-titled 12"LP limited to 300 copies.

*The 50 North American copies DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME will be arriving later this week.

*OPEN MIND SATURATED BRAIN blog band submission / review / bandcamp links - check it for new bands that you've never heard of and submit your band at the same time!!!

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