AMBER pre-order Nov 19th / Descubriendo LP / Band Submission & Talent Page

*AMBER* Zegema Beach Records is stoked like Bram to officially announce the AMBER pre-order for the their self-titled 12"LP on cavernous black vinyl that will go live next TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19th. The vinyl is limited to 300 copies and has new artwork by my boy Brent Wellington. There is a pre-order special that will also be announced next Tuesday.

For fans of: Isis, Pelican and Buried Inside.

*DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME* LPs will be arriving at ZBR this week so all pre-orders will ship the day I receive the 50 North American copies. This release is limited to 250 copies and I know that these are moving quick for 2 reasons; the band is awesome and the packaging is a collector's dream - 3 different b-side silkscreen versions available.

For fans of: La Quiete, The Sky Above And Earth Below and Gillian Carter.

*OPEN MIND SATURATED BRAIN* Okay, so after some tinkering, ZBR has launched the OMSB Talent page. This is a blog band submission / review / bandcamp link dealy - check it to discover new bands! You can access it from the OPENMIND/SATURATEDBRAIN TALENT or click here. Included are a "for fans of" section, an attempt at genre classification and Dave's personal opinion of the band's sound. Any band can contribute, but the style has to mesh with the ((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain)))) blog. If you are unsure, check the blog at or email the bandcamp link to with "Open Mind Saturated Brain" as the subject title. And tell other bands - ZBR just might put out their next record.