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SHIZUNE / LYTIC - Split (7"EP)


For fans of: Raein, La Quiete, Off Minor and Lord Snow.

A split of truly massive proportions, long-running Italian screamo torchbearers SHIZUNE team up with ex-Saetia/Off Minor two-piece LYTIC in a mind-numbing, 5-track split 7”.

7" vinyl on black /500 with insert. Download code included. 2 tracks by Shizune and 3 by Lytic.

Listen here:

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ZAMPLER #12 - Oh God, We’re Gonna Die is here in all its glory. 34 songs, 14 of which are previously unreleased, are available to stream/download at the Zegema Beach Records bandcamp page! Artwork by Tristan Jennings @inkbeard_illustrations on Instagram <3

Jam it all right here!!!

ZAMPLER #12 - Oh God, We’re Gonna Die

bold denotes previously unreleased track

1) NUVOLASCURA - "Half Truth" (U.S.A.)
taken from the upcoming 'Nuvolascura' 12"LP

2) JEANNE - "14/2" (France)
taken from the upcoming 'Eight Feet Under Vol.2' 2x12"LP

3) BLIND GIRLS - "3am" (Australia)
taken from the 'Residue' cassette/12"LP

4) SLEEPER WAVE - "Coward" (U.S.A.)
taken from the upcoming 12" 'split w/ People's Temple Project'

5) APOSTLES OF ERIS - "...and one for all that I know" (U.S.A./Canada)
taken from the upcoming cassette 'split w/ Raining'

6) PEOPLE'S TEMPLE PROJECT - "Seminar 1" (U.S.A.)
taken from the upcoming 12" 'split w/ Sleeper Wave'

7) GIRL ARM - "Crimean Crimes" (Canada)
taken from the 'Outside Language' cassetteLP

8) COARSE - "Hoax" (U.S.A.)
taken from the 'I' 7"EP

9) CAPE LIGHT - "mushisareru" (Japan)
taken from the upcoming 'A Discography' cassette

10) CURTAINS - "Dampe" (U.S.A.)
taken from the cassette 'split w/ New Ruins'

11) LYTIC - "Zcreens" (U.S.A.)
PRE-ORDER 7"EP!!! in Canada here / in U.S.A. here
taken from the upcoming 7" 'split w/ Shizune'

12) KOMUSŌ - "Extension / 拡大" (Japan)
taken from the 'Luck Will Be On Your Side This Week' 7"EP

13) NIONDE PLÅGAN - "Rex" (Sweden)
taken from the upcoming 12"LP 'Reflektion'

14) BLUE YOUTH - "(The Worst Of It Is) You" (Canada)
taken from the 'Dead Forever' 12"LP

15) MODERN RIFLES - "Hot Stone Meat Party" (U.S.A.)
taken from the upcoming cassette 'LP + B-sides'

16) EUCLID C FINDER - "A Rumination On Empty Years" (U.S.A.)
taken from the 'Euclid C Finder' cassetteEP

17) SENZA - "Born of Dirt" (U.S.A.)
taken from the upcoming 12"LP

18) THE ULTIMATE SCREAMO BAND - "Combien" (Canada)
taken from the 'Tout est fini' 10"LP

19) IN WOLVES CLOTHING - "The Terrifying Aftermath of Disbelief" (U.S.A.)
taken from the 'In Wolves Clothing' cassetteEP

20) IEATHEARTATTACKS - "Vienna" (Norway)
taken from the upcoming 12"LP

21) TRÖPICAL ICE LAND "Kokoro No Kaze" (Spain)
taken from the upcoming 12"LP 'D'

22) BIG WATER - "B.M." (U.S.A.)
taken from the 'Drink More Water' cassetteEP

23) MARÉE NOIRE - "Pervitin" (Canada)
taken from the 'split w/ Crowning' cassetteEP

24) DREI AFFEN - "dejadme soñar despierto" (Spain)
taken from the 'split w/ Coma Regalia' 7"EP

25) YOUNG MOUNTAIN - "///////////////" (Sweden)
taken from the 'Lost Tree' 12"LP

26) CROWNING - "Julius Breezer" (U.S.A.)
taken from the 'split w/ Marée Noire' cassetteEP

27) BINARY - "Nice Moleskin, You Can Write In That With Your Head Up Your Ass" (U.S.A.)
taken from the upcoming 'Commit More Arson' 12"LP

28) NEW RUINS - "We Could Have Had It All" (Canada)
taken from the 'split w/ Curtains' cassetteEP

29) SHIZUNE - "occhiaie metafisiche" (Italy)
PRE-ORDER 7"EP!!! in Canada here / in U.S.A. here
taken from the upcoming 7" 'split w/ Lytic'

30) SWALLOWS NEST - "The Stork and the Pelican" (New Zealand)
taken from the upcoming cassetteEP

31) SANS VISAGE - "Worthless" (Japan)
taken from the 'moments' cassetteLP

32) NIBOOWIN - "Astral Summit (live)" (U.S.A.)
live/unreleased song

33) INFANT ISLAND - "A Preoccupation" (U.S.A.)
taken from the 'Infant Island' cassetteLP

34) RESPIRE - "Go Mad and Mark (Envy cover)" (Canada)
taken from the 'Envy/Love' 12"LP

ZBR releases in stock!!!

BLIND GIRLS - Residue (tape/12"LP)
from 6.50

BLIND GIRLS - Residue cassette/12"LP (ZBR133)

For fans of: Lord Snow, Capsule and Loma Prieta

Releases Nov. 13th, 2018. Ships December 2018.

Years in the making, this 11-track full length album from Australia’s BLIND GIRLS on the Gold Coast is finally unleashed upon the world via the band and Zegema Beach Records. Technical, screamy, volatile and fast as fuck, these songs will likely floor anyone looking for music in the realm of Lord Snow, Frail Hands and Mahria.

12” black vinyl/150 with insert. Transparent red cassette/66 with j-card and sticker. 11 tracks. Download code included.

Listen here:

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BIG WATER - Drink More Water (cassette)

BIG WATER - Drink More Water cassetteEP (ZBR139)

For fans ofHeritage Unit, Yaphet Kotto, Snag and Slow Fire Pistol

Beautiful debut from BIG WATER a brainchild of riffmaster Stephen Pellerito rounded out by familiar KC alumni making short work of 6 songs in this blistering debut from faces already well known in the area. "crashing drums, hyperactive bass, frenzied strumming and thick, broken screams." says I. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD sent upon purchase.

/125 on three variants (dark blue/light blue/transparent blue) with j-card. 6 tracks. Download code included.

Listen to the first track here:

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On sale for the next week!

LESSENER - Lessener (12"EP)

LESSENER - Lessener 12"EP (ZBR085)

ffo: Reveries, Ken Burns and Funeral Diner

Finally available in all its beauty, this is the debut 12”EP release by Providence’s LESSENER. This is the new incarnation of Districts that features Mike Van Buren of Ken Burns and The Saddest Landscape. Combining the emotion/vocals of Elle with the driving instrumentals of Funeral Diner, this debut EP with the new lineup is stellar, to ssay the least. You can also find them on the Jeromes Dream tribute tape comp, also released on Zegema Beach Records.

12” coke bottle clear vinyl/250 with lyric book and screenprinted b-side.

Listen here:

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