50% 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10"s!!! / CURTAINS + NEW RUINS in / CROWNING + MARÉE NOIRE in / ENVY tribute streaming + downloadabe

Here’s what’s up in this post:

1) All 5”, 6”, 8”, 9” and 10” records 50% off until Sunday night!!! Type in BONANZA when checking out of the Canadian/International store.

2) CURTAINS / NEW RUINS cassettes are all ready and shipping.

3) CROWNING / MARÉE NOIRE tapes are in and very, very sexy.

4) The KOMUSO 7”s are currently sitting in a truck till who knows when :(

5) Envy/Love tribute compilation released! Also distro 12”s will be up for xmas (that’s a lot of fuckin’ 12”s, let me tell you)

Here’s the second last unreal deal we’re doing this year, and this one focuses on 50% off 5”, 6”, 8”, 9” and 10” records!!! This goes for both distro and ZBR releases (aka anything on this site) until Friday December 21st, 2018 at 11:59pm. Just type BONANZA into the promo code box when checking out and all of your oddly shaped vinyl purchases will show up as 50% off in your cart. Don’t miss this, as we’re never doing it again!


We received our tapes of the CURTAINS / NEW RUINS split and have been hard at work finishing the jcards and decorating the shells…and now we’re done. So this tape starts shipping out today! Only 75 were made, with 25 of those going out to the bands and the other 50 being split between the Canada/International store and the U.S.A. store. Unreal split that you can listen to here and purchase below!

CURTAINS / NEW RUINS - haliXkaliV2 split (cassette)

CURTAINS / NEW RUINS - haliXkaliV2 split cassetteEP (ZBR138)

for fans of: Loma Prieta, Kid Feral, Examination Of The…, The Fall Of Troy, Prize The Doubt and Shizune.

This new split between Halifax’s NEW RUINS (members of Frail Hands, Heisse) and California’s CURTAINS (members of SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Ghost Spirit) is a sensational 17-minute jaunt through eerie/screamy post-hardcore and treacherous emo-violence. CURTAINS rip through five songs in a little over as many minutes, while NEW RUINS build palaces and then proceed to topple them.

Clear/smokey grey/blue tapes/75 with j-card and download code in a resealable plastic sleeve. 5 songs by C and 2 by NR.

Listen here:

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The CROWNING / MARÉE NOIRE cassettes are all done and ready for ya. We made 150 of these, with 50 going out to each band so we only have 25 for the Canada/International store and another 25 for the U.S. store so these’ll be gone nice and quick. Listen to the split here and grab a copy below! Also, catch Crowning in Europe this summer on tour with New Zealand’s Swallows Nest!

CROWNING / MARÉE NOIRE - Split (cassette)

CROWNING / MARÉE NOIRE - Split cassetteEP (ZBR135)

for fans of: Youth Funeral, Itto, Loma Prieta, Kid Feral, Hundreds Of AU and Minaret.

This unbelievable split came about because the tour bands toured together in late 2017 in Canada, forging a tight bond that is now solidified on a small run of tapes. Both bands offer up three new jams, but alternate with each new track, making for a more cohesive listen that is more of a collaboration that a split. Chicago’s CROWNING continue to build a name for themselves, and with just reason, these songs are short, fiery blasts that are reminiscent of vocalist James’ old band Itto as well as Youth Funeral. Quebec’s MARÉE NOIRE drop three much more chaotic and aggressive tunes than their 2017 demo EP, falling somewhere between Kid Feral and Minaret.

150 copies on rubine red tapes with j-card and download code.

Listen here:

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We have some unfortunate news regarding the KOMUSO 7”s. Essentially, in October Canada Post went on rotating strikes that have only just ended. We assumed packages would be delayed, but we actually got all of our international packages with no issue, EXCEPT 100 Komuso 7”s that, to the best of our knowledge, were packed onto 1 of 600 trailers that have been left abandoned in parking lots around Canada. During the strike the workers were so overworked that they started to stuff shit into tracks and dump them into parking lots until they were compensated. Guess what? They weren’t. So they are back at work now trying to deal with xmas ridiculousness and the government didn’t give them shit. I want to say that our 100 copies will arrive post-xmas, but I have no guarantee for you or myself. If we lose over $600 on 100 lost 7”s we’re gonna be in a world of hurt, but obviously our hands our tied for now. We will update come February if nothing has arrived, but until then we will hold orders in Canada with the 7”s (unless you want to be refunded for it, and then we’ll ship your stuff off) and shipping orders in the US but WITHOUT your Komuso 7”. We will ship those out to you the second we get them (if we do), we promise. If nothing has happened by about March we’ll have to do a repress lest a lot of people get fucked.

Wanna buy something non-Komuso 7” related? It’d help out a ton right now :(

The Envy/Love 12” tribute compilation got released digitally yesterday, but in case you missed it, it’s fucking amazing. Check it out here or just pre-order the vinyl and get it all sent to your email, same day :) We have two copies left of the test press for sale. The pre-order as well as the test presses are linked below.

ENVY/LOVE - Tribute Compilation TEST PRESS/5 (12"LP)

This is a very rare /5 test press of the Envy/Love tribute 12”.

ENVY/LOVE - Tribute compilation 12"LP (ZBR137)

Featuring previously unreleased tracks from: Apostles Of Eris, Beast Jesus, Carcajou, Crowning, Gillian Carter, LKTDOV, Massa Nera, Niboowin, Respire and Shizune.

Released November 2018. Ships January 2019.

Zegema Beach’s tribute baby, each band was hand-picked to participate in this Envy covers 12” compilation. Almost a year and a half in the making, this 10-track homage to the great Japan’s greatest post-hardcore/screamo band, with a ridiculously influential catalogue spanning over two decades. Each band provides a cover that both stays true to the original but is also rooted in the band’s sound, instead of being an Envy clone. This is a Zegema Beach Release on 500 black 12”s with black jackets/white stamps, hand-numbered black inner sleeves, an insert with each band explaining how Envy influenced them and a download code. Art by none other than Connie Sgarbossa of SeeYouSpaceCowboy. Pre-order comes with limited Zampler #12 cd compilation.

12” black vinyl/500 with insert. Download code included.

Listen here:

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