SHIZUNE + LYTIC split 7" pre-order+streaming / NUVOLASCURA 12" pre-order / WMR rare 7" + zbr collection + rare 7"s

It’s been pretty nutty as of late, but we’re still on top of everything here. In case you missed a few things:

***SHIZUNE / LYTIC split 7” pre-orders and streaming

***NUVOLASCURA st 12” pre-orders

***ZAMPLER #12 cdr shipping w/orders

***5 rare Zamplers with gold foil interiors ship to customers in and around the BC area, double as a free pass to Zegema Beach Records fest May 31-June 2, 2019

***WRISTMEETRAZOR 2x7” rare alternate cover in the “specials” section!

***3 rare distro 7”s added

We have a very big new feature happening over the next few months, all of which lead up to the ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS COLLECTIONS #1. What is that, you might ask? It’s every release we’ve ever been apart of on every variant (save maybe 3 releases missing a single variant) as well as original show posters, art tests, stickers and an official Z E G E M A Ontario license plate (#1/2). Considering the cost alone on this collection is massive, we’ve decided to do what we’re going to call a “reverse bidding countdown”. Essentially, we will post the collection for more than it is worth, but every day we will lower the price by a specific increment. As the price gets lower and lower every day, eventually it will reach the “right price” for one individual who can then make the purchase in the store.

Leading up to this momentous collection, we have decided to post a very rare variant of a few things that we know people have been hankering for. In honour of WRISTMEETRAZOR’s new LP release on Prosthetic Records, we have one of our rare, alternate covers of their first LP ‘I Talk to God…But the Sky is Empty’ up in the store using the “reverse bidding countdown” purchase option. Bidding starts at $100 and we’ll lower the price by $5 per day until it sells. These initially sold for $20CAD in the store and we sold all 15 in about three days…so this collector’s item probably won’t be up for long. Take a gander/buy below!

SHIZUNE / LYTIC split 7” pre-orders on black vinyl/500. Ships (most likely) in early April. LYTIC is also playing that ridiculous show in New York with Jeromes Dream and Loma Prieta so nab tickets for that asap.

SHIZUNE / LYTIC - Split (7"EP)


For fans of: Raein, La Quiete, Off Minor and Lord Snow.

A split of truly massive proportions, long-running Italian screamo torchbearers SHIZUNE team up with ex-Saetia/Off Minor two-piece LYTIC in a mind-numbing, 5-track split 7”.

7" vinyl on black /500 with insert. Download code included. 2 tracks by Shizune and 3 by Lytic.

Listen here:

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Pre-order the new NUVOLASCURA self titled 12”LP /200 with vinyls shipping in February. A new track will premiere on January 18th with the full digital stream beginning January 22nd, 2019.

NUVOLASCURA - Nuvolascura (12"LP)
from 17.00

NUVOLASCURA - Nuvolascura 12"LP (ZBR140)

For fans of: Blind Girls, Mahria and Lord Snow.

Released January 26th, 2019. First press of 200 black 12"s sold out. Second press available on 300 white 12"s.

Featuring members of SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Letters To Catalonia, Ghost Spirit, Curtains and Heritage Unit, this California band (previously named Vril) unleash an absolute whirlwind of screamo fury with their 2019 self titled ‘Nuvolascura’ 12”LP. Combining head-scratching technicality with explosive, screamy, metallic hardcore, this full length will surely be among the top records of 2019. Mastered by Jack Shirley and art by Sean Leary. Released in Europe by our good friends at Dog Knights Productions.

12” white vinyl/300 w/black cover & lyrics on back cover. Download code included.

Listen here:

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