ENVY Tribute / ZAMPLER #11 / BLUE YOUTH pre-order / SANS VISAGE shipping

In lieu of the recent additions to the Zegema release page I've decided to keep the store open here for another week and will take it down mid-June for maintenance. In the meantime I would strongly recommend heading over to our Storenvy location (linked here) to grab all the good stuff that I can 100% guarantee is in stock.

First off, the new Zampler #11 - 'Death From Above' was released on July 1st, 2018 and opens with SHIZUNE doing a cover of ENVY. Why? Because we decided to make and ENVY tribute compilation over a year ago and have somehow managed to mostly keep it under wraps until now. It will be released on 12" vinyl in late 2018 with all of the bands and the tracklisting being released in August and September. Jam the 30 songs on the Zampler right here and donate in the off chance that you have tons of cash and love ZBR, and if you can't do that then just give it a share or a download <3

The COARSE 7" is selling like mad and we only made 300 so be sure to grab a copy before the first press is all gone. The KOMUSO tape and SNAG / SWALLOWS NEST tapes+posters are shipping now, as is the newly posted SANS VISAGE 'moments' cassette.

Newly up for pre-order is the BLUE YOUTH 12"LP that should ship in July if the plant is correct in their estimated completion date. This thing is unreal, sassy and screamy noise rock in the vein of METZ, The Holy Shroud and Life In Vacuum so I wouldn't sleep on those as we only made 200.

Also up on bandcamp with a 7" coming in the fall is the new 9-song BINARY release called 'Commit More Arson'. It's sick emo-violence/metalcore/screamo from the U.S. that's all the rage. Stream/donate/download here.

Keep an eye out next week when we pause this store because we'll start posting some very rare stuff on the Storenvy page (again, it's linked here). During the amalgamation process of our records we've stumbled across some things thought long lost and out of print. I will give a hint for one, it rhymes with SheShoeFaceMaotoy and they're first presses (yes, including the rare pink version!). And yeah, there are tons more! We'll also do up a bunch of very cheap packages and sale items because, simply put, we have too much stuff.

BLUE YOUTH - Dead Forever (12"LP)

BLUE YOUTH - Dead Forever 12"LP (ZBR123)

For fans of: Life In Vacuum, The Holy Shroud and METZ.

I don't even know what to say. I love this record so goddamned much it's stupid. 8 songs of sassy, jarring, melodic and screamy rock music that'll have fans of METZ and Life In Vacuum sweating. Probably my top pick for best album of 2018. No, I’m not shitting you.

12" black vinyl with insert /300.

Listen here:

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SANS VISAGE - moments (cassette)
from 6.00

SANS VISAGE - moments cassetteLP (ZBR121)

for fans of: Blue Friend, Øjne, Kid Feral and (early) Loma Prieta

2017 concluded with the digital release of the absolutely stellar 'moments' LP by Japan's SANS VISAGE. The 11 songs have been evolving since 2014 and it really shows, because these are straight-up ace screamo tunes. The perfect mix of melody and chaos. We made more of these unreal gold plated and silver plated tapes and seriously they look fucking money.

***100 copies with four tape variants and four/five cover variants

*tape variants: - 35 rubine red

- 35 white

- 15 gold plated (painted)

- 15 silver plated (painted)

*cover variants:

- white (38)

- yellow (38)

- red (20)

- green (4)

***orders come w/free ZBR sticker

Listen here:

Cassette colour:
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COARSE - I 7"EP (ZBR124)

For fans of: Norma Jean, Botch and Vein.

Mathy metalcore straight from the womb of Norma Jean. COARSE are an intense and pummeling onslaught from drummer/vocalist Brandon (ex-Old Wounds) and guitarist/vocalist Ryan (ex-Capsize) and this is their absolutely ridiculous debut 7"EP, complete with six phenomenal mindfucks. All pre-orders from ZBR come with a free COARSE sticker and Zegema Beach Records sticker.

7" vinyl on black /300 with a two-sided insert and sticker. Download code included. 6 tracks.

Listen here:

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