Holy Shit, Look What I Found #1 RESPIRE + alternate covers, shipping now / EUTH in

The day is finally here. Over two months after the digital release, the 12"s are here in all their glory. In celebration of this momentous occasion (and because of some unexpected surprises) we have a special treat for you. For today is HOLY SHIT, LOOK WHAT I FOUND Day #1.

What did I find, you ask? Well, first off, I came across four white copies of the first pressing of 'Gravity and Grace'. Long out of print (with even the represses selling out in most places) these are collector's items at this point. I've posted the four for $20US each.

Secondly, you may have noticed that we took a bit of a hit a few months back when a very important box was shipped to us from New Zealand. Actually, five boxes were shipped. But the big one with our Respire represses was pretty much dumped in the river and came to us broken, ripped and soaking wet (literally, still wet). Good news is, Respire gave us the okay to make new alternate covers for our destroyed repress jackets. 13 jackets were destroyed so Nate from No Funeral Records was kind enough to make some spraypainted black/silver jackets and I've made some white ones, all with inverted-colour artwork and hand numbered out of 13. Essentially, these are fundraiser editions to help with the rest of the stuff that was drowned in that fateful shipment. We have posted them for $30CAD buuuuuut you will also be entered into a draw to win a copy of a test pressing for the Foxmoulder side of their Sartre split 7"! We made 13 but only 6 are available for individual sale (as well as a discography set) so your chances of winning are 1 in 7!


And lastly, the 'Dénouement' 12"s arrived on Friday so those ship out this week. We have less than 5 red splatter and only 10 white splatter copies left, and I do believe most of the other labels have long since been sold out. Each copy comes with a download code and exclusive Zegema Beach Records stickers. In the storenvy page (linked here) we've also posted a single 7x12" RESPIRE vinyl discography set so be sure to jump on that if you want the band living at your house.

RESPIRE - Gravity and Grace (12") ZBR alternate edition/13
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RESPIRE - Gravity and Grace (12")
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The EUTH 12"s came in late last week so all orders with those ship out this week. Unrelenting. Exhausting. Amazing.

EUTH - Euth 12"LP

EUTH - Euth 12"LP (ZBR122)

For fans of: Vein, Botch and Enkephalin

This is one of the most violent and unsettling full lengths we've ever heard, and it's fucking unbelievable. 8 tracks of volatile, mathy and screamy metal/hardcore with some of the most intense drumming we've ever heard. Released on:

'Euth' 12" vinyl with insert. 8 songs. Free download.

Listen here:

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