COARSE premiere + pre-order / tons of releases / U.S. store in September

Hi everyone, this is a pretty big post in terms of items so we'll try to keep this short.

As of July 2nd, 2018 the Zegema Beach Records store will be available via Storenvy (http:/ and NOT this store ( which will become inactive until September 1st, 2018. But why? Easy. Our headquarters in Nanaimo, BC just received all of the stock from our Ontario and New Zealand locations, making our stock massive and very boxed (hard to get to). I am but one person, with two kids, a new house, a job and I'm hella tired all the time, so I will spend the next two months dividing things up, posting sales and expanding the "deals" section substantially as some stock has been with us for over five years.

On September 1st, 2018 the U.S. store will open. All current Zegema Beach Releases (and some older ones) will be available via online order and shipping out of Chicago. Prices will be cheap, shipping within the U.S. will be even cheaper, as shipping from Canada to the U.S. isn't the best deal. This website's store opens back up that same day and will be the Canada store while the Storenvy shop will become the U.S. hub.

We have released a ton of new stuff with more unreal shit coming up soon. Tomorrow (June 29th) we'll be releasing the Sans Visage 'Moments' cassette for order as they are already ready to go and limited to just 100 copies across four variants (including gold and silver plated special editions and two, that's right TWO christmas editions). And of course July 1st, 2018 is the official release of Zampler #11. It leads off with an unreleased track from Shizune so be sure to check back soon! Art for it will be completed by Adam Brock Ciresi of Carrion Spring and Said Goner fame.

Let's look at the newest releases we've got in as well as up for pre-order. All of these records will be shipping in July.

Did you check that music video premiere for COARSE's debut track "Shed" from their upcoming self-titled 7"EP on Zegema Beach Records? Well, if not I've embedded it below. Today is the launch of pre-orders of said 7" along with a premiere of "In Peril" thanks to Metal Injection, pre-orders linked below and premiere linked here.


COARSE - I 7"EP (ZBR124)

For fans of: Norma Jean, Botch and Vein.

Mathy metalcore straight from the womb of Norma Jean. COARSE are an intense and pummeling onslaught from drummer/vocalist Brandon (ex-Old Wounds) and guitarist/vocalist Ryan (ex-Capsize) and this is their absolutely ridiculous debut 7"EP, complete with six phenomenal mindfucks. All pre-orders from ZBR come with a free COARSE sticker and Zegema Beach Records sticker.

7" vinyl on black /300 with a two-sided insert and sticker. Download code included. 6 tracks.

Listen here:

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KOMUSŌ - Komusō (cassette)
from 6.00

KOMUSŌ - Komusō cassetteEP (ZBR119)

for fans of: Louise Cyphre, Sans Visage and Loma Prieta

Absolutely ridiculous debut, 4-song cassette EP with members from Japan/Sweden and bands 5000, Cape Light, Careless and No Omega. Melodic, chaotic, blazing and tranquil, this band has it all and it's all amazing.

***60 copies with four tape variants and five cover variants
*tape variants:
- 20 clear w/blue+gold glitter
- 20 black+white
- 10 gold plated (painted)
- 10 silver plated (painted)
*cover variants (made to order):
- venus violet (cardstock)
- lunar blue (cardstock)
- solar yellow (cardstock)
- gamma green (cardstock)
- re-entry red (cardstock)

***4 songs, 2 songs per side
***8 minutes in length
***orders come w/free Komusō sticker + ZBR sticker

Listen here:

Tape color:
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SNAG / SWALLOWS NEST - Split (cassette+poster)

SNAG / SWALLOWS NEST - Split cassetteEP + poster (ZBR125)

for fans of: People's Temple Project, Robots Don't Cry, Dangers! and Welcome The Plague Year.

This U.S./New Zealand split came about as the two bands are adamant in their stand with the environment, thus gravitating toward one another from across the globe. SNAG offers up an epic and astounding six-minute masterpiece of late 90/early 2000s driven screamo while SWALLOWS NEST drop two tracks with layered male/female screaming atop dark, screamy post-hardcore. Tapes come in an 11x17 two-sided poster with lyrics and band statements.

200 copies on white tapes with two-sided poster/lyric sheet and download code.

Listen here:

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from 7.00


For fans of: Loma Prieta, Itto, Dangers and Council Of Rats

CROWNING / SWALLOWS NEST split 7" /300 with jacket, lyric insert and download code. Sick U.S. / New Zealand EP full of screamy hardcore. Fast, heavy, punishing, and angry as fuck. Also, dead mosquitoes.

7" split vinyl on black/300. 3 tracks by CROWNING and 1 by SN. Download card included.

Listen here:

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Recorded in Germany during a European vacation, the Montreal solo project unveils their new and first LP. Comprised of 10 songs, the clear/splatter 10" straight up Orchid/screamo worship and it says so on the back of the insert booklet. Unreal person. Unreal musician. Unreal 10".

10" vinyl on clear w/black splatter /317 with a choice of blue, green or orange jackets. Lyric booklet included as well as download code. 10 tracks.

Listen here:

Jacket colour:
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