LOWER PRICES!!! / ZBR001-ZBR005 in stock! / Pressing news

Prices lowered like a son of a bitch. Check out the distro and rare items sections for lower pricing on 80% of the products. Many prices were lowered by 20-50% and this is forever!

***Foxmoulder 'Lethe' 7" records are in stock! Order here!
***Foxmoulder's full set (well, nearly) was posted from their March 8th record release show. This was also Matt (bass) and Andrew (drums) final show. Check the post here.
***Foxmoulder/Coma Regalia split 5" waiting for test presses.
*** The Amber/Locktender split 7" preorders are up here and it will be in stock on April 1st.
***Locktender's discography on vinyl has been posted in the distro section, here.
***La Parade's 'Voces Del Exilio' cd+12"LP are in stock. Order here.
***Greyscale's 'Heaven Knows' 7" is on its way to ZBR headquarters right now, expected in stock mid-late March - only 10 copies available! Listen here.
***The Rabbit Theory will be releasing their final record and Zegema Beach Records will be getting 30 copies for North America.
***The final Tetola93 12"LP is under way. Ryan from MEATcube detailed it here.
*** The Merridew/Pastel split is going to print this month, hopefully arriving in May/June 2014.
***The Secret Smoker split 7" with Alarms And Controls is recorded and going to press soon.
***Said Goner is going to print later this month and recently played first their first show! Congrats, Adam! Listen here.
***Old Soul has recorded their material for 2 upcoming splits that will be released this summer and next month their Natures Arms Encircle All will be pressed on 12" vinyl for the first time! Listen here.
***The Yusuke/Lori Berenson split record is almost completely recorded, art being done now.
***The Rayleigh self-titled cassette is almost ready, Paul is just finishing up the art. Listen here.
***Oaken/Marnost split 12" is at the factory and should be in stock April 2014. Teaser here.
***The Cassilis 'Quitting' 12" and Seventeen Again's "Invoke" 12" are underway and preorders should be posted soon. Listen to Cassilis here and Seventeen Again here.
*** The Chuck Bass/Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket 7" split is still at the plant but should be here shortly.
***Middle Man, Off Cloud Nine and Friendly Otter distro stuff is being updated daily. Today, Leer is in stock. Tomorrow, a shitload more.

We are currently working on a set for ZBR001-ZBR005 and another for ZBR001-ZBR010 if there are any collectors out there. These will be crazy limited and will include a handwritten, incoherent and intimate history personalized for the buyer in a special box with art. More news to come.

REAL Screamo released a new online digital compilation with over 10 bands associated with Zegema Beach Records. It's for RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) and is a donate/download album with all proceeds going to RAINN. Please give and help out! Grab it and donate here.