ØJNE and SMILE TO WIND split / I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE preorder / Rare Posters / Distro Update

ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS is insanely proud to announce that we will be helping out with the split 7" between SMILE TO THE WIND (Улыбайся Ветру) from Russia and ØJNE from Italy that will be released late spring/summer 2014. Check out their bandcamp pages by clicking on the band names. These are 2 screamo/post-hardcore bands at the top of their games!

I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE - I Love Your Lifestyle (12")

7-track I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE 12"EP on transparent green vinyl. 500 copies total. Download included.

For fans of: Trachimbrod, American Football and Algernon Cadwallader.

Listen here:

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I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE pre-order is now up so check the link below! Orders should ship April 11th, 2014. Stream the record on the ZBR bandcamp page here. The band features Lukas from Trachimbrod and is the best catchy pop-record I've heard in a long time. There no pop-punk cheese here, just melodies that will permanently bounce around in your head.

RAVIN has some cds on route to Canada. ZBR will be working with this French band on their future release! If you haven't checked out their release, do so by clicking here.

For those who may not know, ZBR will be helping out with the MAHRIA and THE SKY ABOVE AND EARTH BELOW split 7" that will hopefully be going to press in the next month or two.

Dave, me, aka founder of this silly label called ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS, recently gave excessively long answers in an interview with THE SCREEVER. Lee Taylor from Sperare, and now MERRIDEW and the Dear John comic series helps put the zine out, and we have 20 copies in the distro. Grab'em for $0.50 or with an order for free. It's in the store here.

The Distro and Rare Items pages have been updated with over 70 new items and pretty much every price has been lowered by a couple of bucks. Later today there will be another 15+ super-rare posters (mostly of Level Plane bands) - all between $2 and $5!