An absolute abundance of news!!! Test Press contest + 10 other things

This evening a post with 3 LOCKTENDER live videos from Kalamazoo will posted alongside Yusuke and Shoto's sets. Check back in less than 12 hours, here. Until then, here's 1 of the 3 songs LOCKTENDER played, and it's the song off their AMBER split which you can pre-order below, "The Piazza"!

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AMBER / LOCKTENDER split 7" is now streaming and available for pre-order in white or black, or grab both colours for pretty decent savings. I'd also recommend checking out the new LOCKTENDER 'Rodin' album that is streaming here, it's phenomenal.


There's also a review for it from the nice people over at Sputnik music here.

pre-order the AMBER / LOCKTENDER 7" split from the following countries/labels
CANADA + international = Zegema Beach Records
US = Halo Of Flies
GERMANY = Nar Shardaa Records + I Corrupt Records

AMBER vinyl discography

Only 2 full sets available with a chance of winning a "self-titled" test press! These are pretty much, if not the last copies of the first press of 'Lovesaken' 12"s! The draw will take place on March 31st!
Options and availability:

2 available = (7records)

Amber/Locktender 7" (on both white and black vinyls), 3xLovesaken 12" (on black, white and blue splatter), 1xSelfTitled 12" and 2 names entered into the draw. 

1 available  = (5records)

2xAmber/Locktender 7" (on both white and black vinyls), 1xLovesaken 12", 1xSelfTitled 12" and 1 name entered into the draw.

3 available =  (5records)

2xAmber/Locktender 7" (on both white and black vinyls), 1xLovesaken 12", 1xSelfTitled 12" and 1 name entered into the draw.

LA PARADE in stock
12"/cd (order here)
(listen here)

FOXMOULDER ships (Monday March 10th, 2014)
7" (order here)
(listen here)


For fans of: Orchid, Reversal Of Man and Itto.

This 7" finally sees the light of day. 4 dark screamo tracks not unlike Mahria, Reversal Of Man and Orchid. White vinyl and amazing artwork.

ZBR005 - White 7" vinyl. 4 tracks.

Listen here:

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CASSILIS (2 songs here) and SEVENTEEN AGAIN (2 songs here) have gone to print. We'll have pre-orders up soon!

SAID GONER (4 songs here) goes to print later this month!

OAKEN / MARNOST split has gone to print and the amazing folk at Idioteq have released a teaser for it here, which includes an entire OAKEN song!

RAYLEIGH cassette pushed back a month or two
(listen here)

CHUCK BASS and VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET's 7" split has gone to press
(listen here for Chuck Bass) / (listen here for Vi Som Alskade)

ZAMPLER #2 'The Bug Is In Your Brain' is available for download and streaming. It's $3 (stream or physical copy) and includes some amazing bands: -Adobe Home, Amber, Callow, Carrion Spring, Cassilis, Chuck Bass, Coma Regalia, Descubriendo A Mr. Mime, Foxmoulder, Greyscale, I Love Your Lifestyle, Ice Hockey, La Parade, Locktender , Said Goner, Secret Smoker, Tentacles, Tetola93, Totem Skin, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and Via Fondo.
(listen here)

Big distro update this week with stuff from Flood Hardcore, Friendly Otter Records, Off Cloud 9 Records, Locktender and Leer.