SEVENTEEN AGAIN debut release! / LORD SNOW 1st pressings

 SEVENTEEN AGAIN + ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS. These 9 tracks DESTROY. Believe in destruction. Spring/Summer 2014.



I haven't been this giddy since hearing about the formation of a group like this since Hot Cross and Bucket Full Of Teeth. Yessum, Zegema Beach Records will be releasing SEVENTEEN AGAIN's absolutely ridiculous new LP in the coming months alongside The Ghost Is Clear Records and Black Lake Records. These 9 tracks DESTROY. Believe in destruction. Spring/Summer 2014. For fans of Bucket Full Of Teeth, Orchid, Loma Prieta, Rats Into Robots, Youth Funeral and City Of Caterpillar.

There's also 1 copy each of LORD SNOW's first pressing (now out of print and into the 2nd pressing) - Solitude LP on black and the rare white tour edition with alternate packaging/art that was limited to 200. Again, these are 1st pressings and I only have 1 copy of each. Then I have a bunch of 2nd pressings, which are cheaper.