RESPIRE in stock / THEY SLEEP WE LIVE video & preorder / мятеж + Vi älskade varandra så mycket split / SALIGIA preorder / ZBR Hamilton show Nov 30th + ZBR Fest June 2-3 / distro update

The wait is finally over, we have Toronto's RESPIRE (featuring members of Foxmoulder) debut 12"LP titled 'Gravity and Grace' in stock. These sexy beast also comes with a poster insert with a reverse lyric sheet! Oh, and we think it's album of the year. Pick up a copy or a set of both black and white vinyl!

The THEY SLEEP WE LIVE pre-order went up today along with the band's new music video for "Empty Shells Broken Hearts" from the 4-song 12"EP on coke bottle clear with a silkscreened b-side. The physical album is slated for a December 15th release, so until then jam the music video below and grab the preorder.

THEY SLEEP WE LIVE - Escaping the Measures of Time (12")

ZBR063 Release date: December 15th 2016
For fans of: Bright Calm Blue, Gospel and Daitro

Unreal German screamo heavily influenced by mid-late 90s emo/hardcore. These four songs are so thick and lush you'll almost feel claustrophobic with all that amazing music. Utilizing the pretty and ugly, the band weaves epic songs that often have two vocalists screaming back and forth. Amazing debut full length. Pre-orders come with a free 7". This is a corelease between Zegema Beach Records, Koepfen Records, Dingleberry Records, Pike Records, Same Grey Records & Framecode Records.

12" vinyl on clear coke bottle /300 with a screenprinted b-side and an insert. 4 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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The мятеж + Vi älskade varandra så mycket split cassette is underway at the Montreal plant and we'll have copies ready for December. This split houses three tracks (two previously unreleased and one from the Swamp Comp) from мятеж and a single, 5-minute epic unreleased track by Vi älskade varandra så mycket. It is worth nothing that this release WILL NOT be uploaded online and therefore is a physical-only release. Only 70 are being pressed.

мятеж / VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET - Split (cassetteEP)

                     ZBR067 Release date: late December 21st, 2016
                For fans of: Makara, Orchid, Suis La Lune and Envy

This is a very special and limited physical-only release cassette numbered out of 70 by Sweden's Vi älskade varandra så mycket (1 new track) and the Canada/US collaboration that is мятеж. Emotionally exhausting and epic screamo meets a peculiar balance of ambiance and powerviolence.

70 aqua tapes that come in a foldover paper cover with мятеж lyrics on the inside, all housed in a plastic, resealable sleeve. 1 song by Vi älskade varandra så mycket and 3 songs by мятеж.

This is a physical only release and therefore WILL NOT be posted digitally online. Check out the songs and their lengths here:

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Today ZBR also released the SALIGIA 10" 'The New Innocence' on bandcamp and we also have the preorder up which comes with an instant email of the digital tracks. Due to pressing plant issues the physical 10" won't be released until 2017.

SALIGIA - The New Innocence (10")

ZBR068 Release date: Early 2017
For fans of: Louise Cyphre, Republic Of Dreams and Lentic Waters

Holy moly this is the new SALIGIA record from Lars, Jojo and the gang over in Germany. Includes members of Republic Of Dreams, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Lentic Waters and Resurrectionists. This particular band plays extremely devastating emo-violence with strong grind tendencies. Amazing 10".

10" black vinyl. 6 songs.

Listen here:

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There is a new, eclectic and exciting ZBR Show coming up in Hamilton, Ontario with WEATHER LORE (New Jersey hardcore/emo-violence/noise), SHAHMAN (eerie twin post-rock), FOND (ex-Animal Faces shoegaze) and JESSE & THE DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR (solo punk/rock) on Wednesday November 30th, 2016 at Doors: Taco Joint & Metal Bar at 7:30pm. The show is ALL AGES!!!!! Please spread the word locally (aka Hamilton and surrounding area) if applicable to your geographical status!

Also worth jotting down on your calendars is the one and only (there will only be one!) Zegema Beach Records Festival at Soybomb in Toronto on Friday June 2nd and Saturday June 3rd, 2017. More details to come early 2017!

It should be stated somewhere at some point that the PROTEST THE HERO boxset art had to be pushed back so it won't see the light of day until early 2017. That being said, this thing is definitely coming and the art is going to rule. The band just released the full length 'Mystic' a few weeks ago. Check it out on bandcamp here.


New ZBR items!!!
RESPIRE - Gravity and Grace 12"LP w/poster (here)

THEY SLEEP WE LIVE - Escaping the Measures of Time 12"EP w/silkscreened b-side (here)
мятеж + VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET - Split tape EP (here)
SALIGIA - The New Innocence 10"EP (here)

New distro items:
$1 CATALYST, THE - Mariana's Trench cd (here)
$1 CATALYST, THE - Swallow Your Teeth cd (here)
мятеж / VAN HÄGAR - Live Split @AS220 cdr (here)
Virginia is for screamo - patch (here)
WEAK TEETH - patch (here) / sticker (here)
VAN HÄGAR - patch (here) / sticker (here) / pin (here)
EMPTY VESSELS - sticker (here) / pin (here)
EUTH - sticker (here) / pin (here)
SUPINE - pin (here)
EMOCAT RECORDS - pin (here)
MALICIOUS CODE - sticker (here)
PULLING ROOTS - Vegan Feminist Podcast sticker (here)

Still hot:
DREI AFFEN - Drei Affen 12"EP w/silkscreened b-side (here)
SINCE BY MAN / SEVEN DAYS OF SAMARA - split 12" (here)
LA QUIETE - 2008 7"/poster (here)
THE VOGUE - st 7" (here)
MUSTAPHAMOND - st 7" (here)
TODOS CAERAN / GUMILINSKI - split 7" (here)
COMA REGALIA / QUANTIS - split 7" (here)
COMA REGALIA / WE HAD A DEAL - split 7" (here)
AMYGDALA - The Horror of... 7" (here)
EAGLEHASLANDED - st 7" (here)
ADOBE HOMES - Pinata 9" (here)
WAIFLE - And The Blood Will Come... 10" (here)
My Heart In Your Hand 5-way split 10" (here)
LYED / JOLIETTE - split 10" (here)
HEIßE - Levels of Decomposition tape (here)
COMFORT CREATURE - st tape (here)
UWAGA - A Peine cd (here)
SPLIT TONGUE - Demo cd (here)