DREI AFFEN in stock + rare distro updates + Friendly Otter stock

A short but very sweet update from Zegema Beach Records!

DREI AFFEN from Spain's debut 12"EP 'Drei Affen' is now in stock in both clear and yellow with screenprinted b-sides! These records look and sound incredible. Be prepared to see their name pop up on at least a few best of 2016 year-end lists, so hear what the commotion is about listen/donate/download those 6 stellar tracks right here.

DREI AFFEN - Drei Affen (12")
from 15.00

ZBR057 Release date: October 5th 2016
For fans of: OsoLuna, Amygdala, Welcome The Plague Year and Remains The Day

This debut 12" release from Spain's new powerhouse features two members of OsoLuna playing crusty, massive, screamy hardcore with scathing vocals and pummeling instrumentals. Easily one of the best records of the year, speaking of which, this comes on your choice of clear (rare) and yellow (less rare) 12" with lyrical insert and a free zampler cd.

12" vinyl on clear (/100) and yellow (/400) with a screenprinted b-side and an insert. 6 songs.

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Vinyl colour:
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A big shout out to all who now follow us on Instagram (@zegemabeach) and congratulations to Adam from Terry Green for being the lucky, random draw winner of a new DREI AFFEN 12"! I'll give it to you next time I see ya, buddy! There will be a Respire 12" draw next so be sure to follow us and like the pics! Oh, and supporting the label by actually purchasing things is a big help, too!

RESPIRE 12"LP 'Gravity and Grace' inserts are done along with the records so expect ZBR to have copies any day now! If you haven't checked it out, do so here or click on the album cover below.


This post is pretty crazy. We've got super rare records from the likes of La Quiete, The Vogue, Joshua Fit For Battle and Since By Man (to name a few!) as well as a ton of stock from our boy Olin at Friendly Otter Records. There's more stuff coming later in October. Until then, check out all deeeeeeez!

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DREI AFFEN - Drei Affen 12"EP w/silkscreened b-side (here)

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