Fuck You 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, Zegema Beach Records has a ton of stuff going on. Read about it all below, complete with store, premiere and song links. Thank you for reading and listening and supporting. It means a lot to us and all this stuff we do is very time consuming but goddamn we love it. In world news, fuck you 2016.

мятеж and VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET cassette in stock and now shipping. We went from 70 copies to 30 copies very quickly and we'll be saving some of these for the мятеж European tour this summer so it is likely that this will sell out quickly.

And just like the Drei Affen and Respire contest, you can win a copy of this very limited release by liking the Instagram photo of it. Winner will be drawn at random on xmas day!

мятеж / VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET - Split (cassetteEP)

                     ZBR067 Release date: late December 21st, 2016
                For fans of: Makara, Orchid, Suis La Lune and Envy

This is a very special and limited physical-only release cassette numbered out of 70 by Sweden's Vi älskade varandra så mycket (1 new track) and the Canada/US collaboration that is мятеж. Emotionally exhausting and epic screamo meets a peculiar balance of ambiance and powerviolence.

70 aqua tapes that come in a foldover paper cover with мятеж lyrics on the inside, all housed in a plastic, resealable sleeve. 1 song by Vi älskade varandra så mycket and 3 songs by мятеж.

This is a physical only release and therefore WILL NOT be posted digitally online. Check out the songs and their lengths here:

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THEY SLEEP WE LIVE recently released their new EP online and the 12"s are in transit to the ZBR shack as we write this. In conjunction with the release, (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) interviewed Jens from the band who also happens to run Moment Of Collapse Records. You can read by clicking here.

THEY SLEEP WE LIVE - Escaping the Measures of Time (12")

ZBR063 Release date: December 15th 2016
For fans of: Bright Calm Blue, Gospel and Daitro

Unreal German screamo heavily influenced by mid-late 90s emo/hardcore. These four songs are so thick and lush you'll almost feel claustrophobic with all that amazing music. Utilizing the pretty and ugly, the band weaves epic songs that often have two vocalists screaming back and forth. Amazing debut full length. Pre-orders come with a free 7". This is a corelease between Zegema Beach Records, Koepfen Records, Dingleberry Records, Pike Records, Same Grey Records & Framecode Records.

12" vinyl on clear coke bottle /300 with a screenprinted b-side and an insert. 4 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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The SUBJECTS/RULERS cassette is finally making its way into the world. This beautifully arranged LP was birthed by members of Cease Upon The Capitol, Dolcim and Altar Of Complaints and can be streamed here. Expect a January 2017 physical release on Zegema Beach Records and IFB Records as the tapes are already finished and in the mail as we type. Fans of dreamy post-hardcore mixed with chaotic screamo will eat this up.

On December 20th CROWNING and ZBR announced that the band's debut EP 'Funeral Designs' will be released on our little label here in late January or early February. (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) premiered the song "Buddy Dwyer" and the new Zampler #8 will feature another new banger titled "Velleity". The bands plays a dark and caustic yet noodley style of hardcore and screamo not unlike Foxmoulder, Loma Prieta and Youth Funeral. Listen to the band's only available track below! 

UNDER A SKY SO BLUE recently premiered the track "Remember" over at Forme Un Leere off of their upcoming self titled cassette EP. Another song titled "The Poverty of Modern Life" will be premiered on January 1st via the ZBR Zampler #8 with the tape being released early 2017.

Spring 2017 will see the release of a GILLIAN CARTER and EYELET split 7". All songs have been recorded and will likely go to press in January or February with some songs premiered after that time. Speaking of EYELET, (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) just did a 30-minute video interview with the band and they discuss said split without naming any names. Click on the picture below to go through to the post and interview, as well as tons of live videos including a new song that will likely be on the GC split!

Zegema Beach Records is beaming and hereby announce us to be the cassette label for the new STORM{O} full length that will be unleashed upon the world in spring 2017. This thing is fucking amazing. If you haven't heard of these Italian heroes yet you can pick up their 2014 LP 'Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo...' right here.

As 2016 concludes and album of the year lists make their way into our feeds, the band name RESPIRE just keeps popping up...and justly so. Their 12" 'Gravity and Grace' is exceptional and can be purchased here. On January 20th there will be a release show in Toronto (here) and on January 21st we will be co-hosting a house release show in Hamilton with La Luna, Terry Green, The World That Summer and Wimp City. Our good friend Sasha from Life In Vacuum created a stunning poster that you will be able to pick up on 11x17 at the show. Lastly, the Instagram winner for the Respire LP is Daris King. I messaged you on Instagram, Daris!

Order the 12" right here!

It has a name. EIGHT FEET UNDER: Vol.1 is the title of the 4-country/8-band 2x12" gatefold split featuring YOUTH NOVEL, SLEEPER WAVE, VIA FONDO, VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET, PASTEL, LAMANTIDE, THE WORLD THAT SUMMER and NOUS ÉTIONS. It is going to press this week so expect a late winter release on Zegema Beach Records, Shove Records, Through Love Records, IFB Records and Don't Live Like Me Records. This thing is 8 EPs worth of unreleased material and it's all unbelievable. Here is the cover art.

It's almost time. The Zampler series continues on January 1st, 2017 with the release of the eighth installment digital/cdr comps. This 20-something band compilation with be jam packed with killer tunes and unreleased material, including songs never before heard by YOUTH NOVEL, SLEEPER WAVE, UNDER A SKY SO BLUE, мятеж, CROWNING, CONGRATULATIONS, SYNODUS HORRENDA, TRUMA, Улыбайся Ветру and more! The compilation will be a free download with 300 cdrs made. My friend Connie Sgarbossa from René Descartes, Flowers Taped To Pens and See You Space Cowboy will be tackling the art this time around. A teaser will be posted next week so stay fucking tuned. Until then you can download zampler 1 through 7 on the ZBR bandcamp page linked here.

The 10" split by NIONDE PLÅGAN and THE WORLD THAT SUMMER is moving along nicely, with the test presses already approved. Pre-orders should be up in February. You can jam one of the three THE WORLD THAT SUMMER songs on a benefit comp here. The first of three tour diaries was posted this week also so you can check out two of the three songs from the split in a live setting, linked here.


New ZBR items!!!
мятеж + VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET - Split tape EP (here)
THEY SLEEP WE LIVE - Escaping the Measures of Time 12"EP w/silkscreened b-side (here)
RESPIRE - Gravity and Grace 12"LP w/poster (here)

SALIGIA - The New Innocence 10"EP (here)

New distro items:
Q AND NOT U - No Kill 12" (here)
VADE / JOUGH DAWN BAKER - split 12" (here) members of Blood Brothers!
WEAK WRISTS - st 12" (here)
CLOUD RAT - Qliphoth 12" (here)
DAWN RAY'D - A Thorn 12" (here)
ANOPHELI - The Ache 12" (here)
RORCAL - Creon 2x12" (here)

Still hot:
$1 CATALYST, THE - Mariana's Trench cd (here)
$1 CATALYST, THE - Swallow Your Teeth cd (here)
мятеж / VAN HÄGAR - Live Split @AS220 cdr (here)
DREI AFFEN - Drei Affen 12"EP w/silkscreened b-side (here)
SINCE BY MAN / SEVEN DAYS OF SAMARA - split 12" (here)
LA QUIETE - 2008 7"/poster (here)
THE VOGUE - st 7" (here)
MUSTAPHAMOND - st 7" (here)
TODOS CAERAN / GUMILINSKI - split 7" (here)
COMA REGALIA / QUANTIS - split 7" (here)
COMA REGALIA / WE HAD A DEAL - split 7" (here)
AMYGDALA - The Horror of... 7" (here)