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Lots of news, yet again.

The CHUCK BASS and VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET 7"s came in. There are only 40 for North America. I also just found out that VI SOM has a member of Khayembii Comminuque! Insanity! Grab them below:


For fans of: Envy, Trachimbrod, Descumbriendo A Mr. Mime and Hugs.

This is an incredible split 7" between Germany's CHUCK BASS and Sweden's VI SOM ALSKADE VARADNRA SA MYCKET (or Vi Som, for short) blew our collective goddamned mind when we first heard it. CB drops 2 screamy punk/hardcore songs with equal parts pretty and caustic. VI SOM has 1 song that brings to mind the epic song structures of Envy with some Swedish flair, not unlike Via Fondo, Trachimbrod, Rainmaker and Young Mountain. This split owns, so pick it up!

Black vinyl packaged in a plastic sleeve with a 2.5 panel foldout and lyric sheet. 2 songs by CB and 1 by VI SOM for a total of...wait for it...3 tracks!

Listen here:

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2 pre-orders just went up and you can get the mp3/wavs upon purchase, just make sure you shoot me an email at

CASSILIS - Quitting 12" here.


We also posted the entire LIFE IN VACUUM set from their Homegrown Hamilton show. Watch them and 2 other bands here.

We've also separated the products so there aren't 200 items per page.