Envy/Love + Blind Girls + Komuso pre-orders / Euclid C Finder + ZBR shirts in stock

We probably should have updated this a few weeks back, so let’s keep this informative but concise. Here’s a table of contents, teacher.

1) ENVY/LOVE 12” tribute compilation pre-order

2) BLIND GIRLS ‘Residue’ 12” pre-order

3) KOMUSO 7” pre-order

4) ZBR t-shirts and EUCLID C FINDER tapes in stock

5) New distro items (Le Blast Records, Gillian Carter, Life In Vacuum, Hexis, etc.)

***note: all products can also be ordered from the U.S.A. store, linked here:

After nearly two years of work, the ENVY/LOVE 12” tribute compilation is up for pre-order. Limited to 500 copies on black, this release shows some of the best, current, screamo bands paying homage to the most influential screamo/post-hardcore Japanese band, Envy. Pre-orders come with a very limited Zampler #12 cd. Bands include: Apostles of Eris, Beast Jesus, Carcajou, Crowning, Gillian Carter, LKTDOV, Massa Nera, Niboowin, Respire and Shizune.

The pre-order for the BLIND GIRLS ‘Residue’ cassette and 12”LP are up, with the digital version becoming available November 13th. This 11-track full length is wild, combining the screaming of Lord Snow, intricacy of Capsule and the destruction of Loma Prieta.

Not only is the KOMUSO 7” pre-order up, but we’ve got a discography package deal that includes all variants of the 7” and their very limited demo tape. Ridiculous Japanese screamo with elements of both emo-violence and post-rock.

Well shit the ZBR t-shirts showed up last week and our friend Josh modeled them for us. We also received our copies of the doubleEP cassettes by EUCLID C FINDER. Next up should be Niboowin 12”s, Komuso 7”s and then the Crowning/Maree Noire split tape and a secret release!

Be have a bunch of new distro items in the “Special” area of our store. We have releases from Le Blast Records (Commuovere, Au Bout De Mes Levres, La Nausee, etc.), Gillian Carter, Nayru, Life In Vacuum, Hexis, etc.)