BLIND GIRLS is up! + Komuso + Sans Visage tape package / t-shirts 50% off!!! / Crowning + Maree Noire / distro

Quick update with some amazing stuff!

1) BLIND GIRLS up on bandcamp, tapes shipping this week, tape tour package with Komuso and Sans Visage just $15

2) Over 50 different screamo/hardcore/metal t-shirts…all at 50% off this week with the code “BONANZA”

3) CROWNING / MAREE NOIRE split cassette is up for pre-order and available as a free/donation-based download on all bandcamps

4) Distro update including a bunch of React With Protest Records and No Funeral Records merch

BLIND GIRLS 12”s are coming soon and the tapes come in and will be shipped this week. Considering the band is going on tour with Komuso and Sans Visage (whom we also work with), we decided to put up a sweet deal for the tenure of their tour, so you can get the newest tape releases from all three bands for just $15CAD! Head over to our bandcamp page to listen/download ‘Residue’ in all its glory!

BLIND GIRLS - Residue (tape/12"LP)
from 6.50

BLIND GIRLS - Residue cassette/12"LP (ZBR133)

For fans of: Lord Snow, Capsule and Loma Prieta

Releases Nov. 13th, 2018. Ships December 2018.

Years in the making, this 11-track full length album from Australia’s BLIND GIRLS on the Gold Coast is finally unleashed upon the world via the band and Zegema Beach Records. Technical, screamy, volatile and fast as fuck, these songs will likely floor anyone looking for music in the realm of Lord Snow, Frail Hands and Mahria.

12” black vinyl/150 with insert. Transparent red cassette/66 with j-card and sticker. 11 tracks. Download code included.

Listen here:

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The t-shirts page is now up, and has 50% off for the next week with code BONANZA. There are a ridiculous amount of shirts for people of any gender from amazing bands, including but not limited to:

The Blood Brothers
Cave In

Head over the t-shirt page in our store by clicking here.

RESPIRE - 'Dénouement' (t-shirt)

A RESPIRE ‘Dénouement’ t-shirt. Numerous colors/sizes available. NEW.

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PHOENIX BODIES - 'Two/Face' (t-shirt)

A blue PHOENIX BODIES t-shirt. USED.

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The CROWNING and MAREE NOIRE split cassette was released last week, with tapes shipping in late November. Grab a copy/150 now!

CROWNING / MARÉE NOIRE - Split (cassette)

CROWNING / MARÉE NOIRE - Split cassetteEP (ZBR135)

for fans of: Youth Funeral, Itto, Loma Prieta, Kid Feral, Hundreds Of AU and Minaret.

This unbelievable split came about because the tour bands toured together in late 2017 in Canada, forging a tight bond that is now solidified on a small run of tapes. Both bands offer up three new jams, but alternate with each new track, making for a more cohesive listen that is more of a collaboration that a split. Chicago’s CROWNING continue to build a name for themselves, and with just reason, these songs are short, fiery blasts that are reminiscent of vocalist James’ old band Itto as well as Youth Funeral. Quebec’s MARÉE NOIRE drop three much more chaotic and aggressive tunes than their 2017 demo EP, falling somewhere between Kid Feral and Minaret.

150 copies on rubine red tapes with j-card and download code.

Listen here:

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We’ve updated the distro with tons of products including a bunch from React With Protest Records and No Funeral Records. Check out the distro/new items page here.

JUNE PAIK / BATTLE OF WOLF 359 - Split (7")

For fans of: Welcome The Plague Year, Swan Of Tuonela, Komarov and Swallows Nest.

Phenomenal split from 2010, with both bands kicking ass and playing Cry Me A River Fest on the reg…when they were around. Essential split. Released on React With Protest.

7” on black vinyl with lyric insert. 1 song by JP and 2 by BOW359.

Listen to the JP side here:

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