мятеж tour + VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET split / NIONDE PLÅGAN and THE WORLD THAT SUMMER art + info / Off Cloud Nine

We've been a little quite as of late with tours and getting back to work, but October will be pretty crazy, with lots of updates including the Respire 12", Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and мятеж split tape pre-orders, the Protest The Hero box set should be almost ready to go and The World That Summer will have a three-day tour diary posted with tons of videos from each concert. Until then...this.

Sweden's VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET and Canada/US' мятеж will be releasing a split cassette EP in late October/early November on Zegema Beach Records. This will be a very special split, with both bands contributing about five minutes (1 song for VSAVSM and 3 by мятеж) which will be exclusive to the tape release and NOT released for streaming or anywhere online. Artwork and tracklisting will be released in mid-October along with pre-orders. This tape will be very limited.

The мятеж string of three shows before Swamp Fest have been posted with videos and stories below. The Swamp Fest stuff is coming, including an interview with the group of people that put the thing together as well as a .gif from god interview!!! мятеж is also going to be playing 8-10 dates of European chillage next summer.

Day 1 in Boonton @Boontunes with:
What Of Us
Coma Regalia
Van Hägar
Massa Nera

Day 2 in Providence @AS220 with:
Weak Teeth
Van Hägar

Day 3 in Baltimore @Skramden Yards with:
Malicious Code
Van Hägar
Synodus Horrenda

Here is the cover art for the NIONDE PLÅGAN and THE WORLD THAT SUMMER split 10" that should see the light of day by the end of 2016. Both bands will be contributing two songs each and each side will be just shy of 10 minutes. THE WORLD THAT SUMMER recently went on a mini-tour and they took mad videos so expect a tour diary from them in mid-late October on the (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) blog. You can listen to a demo of one of the TWTS songs on their bandcamp titled "What Is Dead May Never Die" right here.

ZBR has recently been talking to UNDER A SKY SO BLUE and are beyond pumped to announce our involvement with their upcoming cassette EP. The band has released a previous cassette EP/demo along with a stellar split 7" with Celebration. More news as it becomes available.

ZBR has taken too many shots to the groin to pass up on Instagram anymore. So we have created an account under the name zegemabeach and we will be giving away a free copy of the new RESPIRE 12" debut LP 'Gravity and Grace' as soon as we get our grubby little hands on them. Join the Instagram page for zegemabeach and when you see the Respire 12" posted on there, just like it. We'll be doing this kind of free giveaway for every future release. Also, sometimes we post funny things. Maybe.


This post's haul comes from Off Cloud Nine Records which will be the last of the label's stock as they are shutting things down, sadly, so once these items are gone they are definitely gone. We picked up a wack of stuff from our boy Olin at Friendly Otter Records so that will be posted with the next update. We also have some essential stock updates of insanely rare records (Joshua Fit For Battle's 1st 7", La Quiete 7"s, Q And Not U's debut 12", etc.) that'll get posted along with the Swamp Fest merch and videos from each band who played the fest. 

New distro items:
SPIRIT OF VERSAILLES - ...is Dead 12" (here)
UNDER A SKY SO BLUE - demo tape (here)
TRUTH ABOUT DREAMING - Capitalizing... tape (here)
MARIESENA - Ruth tape (here)
SCIENCE IS MADE UP OF MISTAKES - The Backbone... tape (here)
NADA SURF - If Had a Hi-Fi tote bag (here)

Still hot:
OSTRACA - Deathless 12" (here)
WE HAD A DEAL - Counting Leaves 12" (here)
COMA REGALIA / WHAT OF US - split 12" (here)
COMA REGALIA / PIRI REIS - split 10" (here)
COMA REGALIA / DIPLOID - split 7" (here)
EPHEMERA - Ephemera 7" (here)
COMA REGALIA / KAORU NAGISA - split flexi 7" (here)
COMA REGALIA - There's Still Time cassette (here)
EUTH / CLOSET WITCH - split cassette (here)