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ZAMPLER #3 - Nerves of Steel will be available for streaming/download on July 1st, 2014. It will include new tracks by Congratulations, Yusuke, People's Temple Project, Tentacles (pending), Said Goner (pending), Black Love, La Parade (pending) and мятеж.

CONGRATULATIONS t-shirts are up in the store. The band's demo will be released on ZBR and Skeletal Lightning. The band's first single will be available on July 1st when Zampler #3 is released next week. Click the image to buy the shirt.

TETOLA93 update and in stock.

TETOLA93 - Tetola93 (12")
from 12.00

For fans of: Yaphet Kotto, Killie and Ampere.

The final album from one of Japan's most intense and innovative bands is finally upon us! 14 tracks of despair, hope, passion and fury for fans of Killie, Louise Cyphre, and Envy. Breaking up in the middle of 2013, TETOLA93 tracked one final album that will stand as their legacy - and they recorded entirely by themselves. The album combines re-recordings of old favorites with new epic songs and a fully realized production that brings everything together. This is truly one of the most ground-breaking records to come out of Japan and a serious contender for album of the year. The LP comes on black vinyl with lyric insert & download card sealed in a printed envelope, all in a full-color jacket printed on recycled chipboard. The limited Japanese edition comes with a hand-printed CD-R containing all the tracks and is available during pre-orders ONLY. This album is a co-production between Seattle's MeatCubeLabel and Canada's Zegema Beach Records.

For fans of: Killie, Circle Takes The Squre, Combat Wounded Veteran, Yaphet Kotto, Me And Him Make It Us and I Am Alaska.

Black 12" vinyl. 14 songs.

Listen here:

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SEVENTEEN AGAIN - Invoke (12")

SEVENTEEN AGAIN 'Invoke' 12" debut LP. Order here and get a free Stream it here:

What does it sound like, you ask? It sounds like a fucking viking riding a horse and wielding a bloody ax. You're not safe. You're loved ones aren't safe. If the opening scene in the original Conan: The Barbarian was translated into music, it'd sound something like this. Massive, heavy, caustic hardcore with some of the most diverse and aggressive vocals you're bound to hear in 2014. If you are a fan of Cassilis, Back When, Loma Prieta, Rats Into Robots and no longer take your life seriously, let James Earl Jones take your head.

The guilty parties involved are:
Zegema Beach Records = Canada/World
The Ghost Is Clear Records = US =
Black Lake Records = Europe =

Read a track-by-track album review by yours truly here:

Also stream the entire thing on Funeral Sounds here:

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RAYLEIGH's self titled cassette is at the plant, should be in stock mid-July. Listen here. For fans of dark, sludgy, emo-violence and screamo.

YUSUKE / LORI BERENSON - Split 12" is at the plant so ZBR is hoping for a September release, if all goes according to plan . The record will be released with the help of Friendly Otter, Off Cloud Nine and La Agonia De Vivir. This band will also have a previously unreleased track on Zampler #3, which again will be released on July 1st.

ADOLINA did an interview with (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) and it's up, check it here and buy their split with The Rabbit Theory here.
Speaking of interviews, APOLLO 18 was also posted last week, read it here.

ZBR releases w/streaming links

ZBR001 AMBER - Amber (12") in stock
ZBR002 DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME - ... ya no (12") in stock
ZBR003 VIA FONDO - Fast (12") in stock
ZBR004 LA PARADE - Voces Del Exilio (cd/12") in stock
ZBR005 FOXMOULDER - Lethe (7") in stock
ZBR006 AMBER / LOCKTENDER - Split (7") in stock
ZBR007 CHUCK BASS / VI SOM ALSKADE - Split (7") in stock
ZBR008 CASSILIS - Quitting (12") still being pressed
ZBR009 SEVENTEEN AGAIN - Invoke (12") in stock
ZBR010 OAKEN / MARNOST - Split (12") in stock
ZBR011 FOXMOULDER / COMA REGALIA - Split (5") in stock early July
ZBR012 TETOLA93 - Tetola93 (cd/12") in stock
ZBR013 I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE - I Love Your Lifestyle (12") in stock
ZBR014 PASTEL / MERRIDEW - Split (12") in stock
ZBR015 SAID GONER - Said Goner (12") still being pressed
ZBR016 THE RABBIT THEORY / ADOLINA - Split (12") in stock