Vi Som Alskade LP / Øjne-Улыбайся Ветру pre-order / Gli Altri & Uragano cd in stock

Sweden's VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET's new full length LP 'Den sorgligaste musiken i varlden' ("The Saddest Music in the World") will be released on Blood Of The Young and Zegema Beach Records. I am beyond stoked for this! These 8 tracks are genre-shattering. Bands such as Funeral Diner, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Radiohead, Angel Eyes, Daitro and Envy come to mind just upon listening to the opening track. Prepare yourselves, this is amazing!!!

Here is the band's previous release, a great split 7" with punk/screamo/hardcore act Chuck Bass. This was also released on Zegema Beach Records.


For fans of: Envy, Trachimbrod, Descumbriendo A Mr. Mime and Hugs.

This is an incredible split 7" between Germany's CHUCK BASS and Sweden's VI SOM ALSKADE VARADNRA SA MYCKET (or Vi Som, for short) blew our collective goddamned mind when we first heard it. CB drops 2 screamy punk/hardcore songs with equal parts pretty and caustic. VI SOM has 1 song that brings to mind the epic song structures of Envy with some Swedish flair, not unlike Via Fondo, Trachimbrod, Rainmaker and Young Mountain. This split owns, so pick it up!

Black vinyl packaged in a plastic sleeve with a 2.5 panel foldout and lyric sheet. 2 songs by CB and 1 by VI SOM for a total of...wait for it...3 tracks!

Listen here:

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The Øjne-Улыбайся Ветру split 7" pre-order is up. La Quiete/Raein-styled Italian screamo meets pummeling technical screamo/hardcore. The records should be shipping early-mid July. Black or blue vinyl out of 250 each (500 total). Grab it below.

Steam here.

ØJNE / Улыбайся Ветру - Split (7")
from 6.00

The best screamo split 7" to come out in a very long time. ØJNE (pronounced "oh-ee-neh") hail from Italy and Улыбайся Ветру (translated as "Smile To The Wind") kick your ass all the way from Russia.

Listen here:

250 solid blue and 250 black. 1 song by ØJNE and 4 by Улыбайся Ветру.

Also released on:
Pike Records [DE] 
It's a Trap! Records [US] 
Flood Records [BE] 
Unlock Yourself Records [RU] 
La Agonia De Vivir [ES] 
Pure Heart Records [CZ]

Both bands were mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, Amherst, Massachusetts. 

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The GLI ALTRI / URAGANO split cd is now in stock. These are very limited (I have 9 copies left) so check the videos below. If you dig punk/post-rock with a tinge of screamo influence (GLI ALTRI) or noisey, droning and doomy hardcore (URAGANO) then pick this up.