NEW 12"s in stock (Black Love, Cassilis, Said Goner and Old Soul/Nic) / Upcoming shows / Final Skramden show / huge distro update

...and other things that matter

Some intangible news:

VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET 12"LP test presses approved

VIA FONDO finished recording, LP this winter.

CONGRATULATIONS finished recording, demo tape this fall/winter

CONGRATULATIONS / THE RABBIT THEORY split 7" finished recording, out this winter

I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE finished recording 7" out early 2015

AMBER recording, LP this winter/spring.

The following 12"s are now in stock:

OLD SOUL / NIC (the band with no name) split 12" on black

BLACK LOVE - Black Love 12" on black

SAID GONER - Said Goner 12" on clear w/black smoke

CASSILIS - Quitting 12" on 1/2 red and 1/2 dark purple marble

and these are expected in the next month or so:

OLD SOUL - Nature's Arms Encircle All 12"



We've also started a huge distro update with tapes, cds and records from Halo of Flies, Shove and Driftwood Records as well as a fair number of rare/out of print stuff from band's like Phoenix Bodies, Mara'akate, The Catalyst, Kidcrash, Beau Navire, Heroin, Hinckley, Inkwell, Honeywell, La Dispute, Envy, StackClancy 6, Deers! and MNWA and tons more. There are another 50 records (mostly from Shove) that will be posted at 5-10 per day for the next week or two. Over that time the store will be rearranged so it's easier to navigate. Don't forget that we've also got rare records from The Blood Brothers (self-titled 7") and Hot Cross (The Holy Shroud split picture disc 7") as well as hundreds of other items.


Animal Faces / My Dad / Worst Gift / Quiet Lakes / Terry Green
October 16th @7:30pm at The Doors Pub in Hamilton, Ontario

Life In Vacuum / Slates / The Inhalents / Sensei
October 21st @7:00pm at The Doors Pub in Hamilton, Ontario

Edhochuli / Black Love / Worst Gift / Foxmoulder / Teleportoise / Respire / Cold Spell / Terry Green / The Inhalents
November 15th @6:00pm at The White House in Hamilton, Ontario

Nous Etions / ?
Any bands interested in playing?
November 26th @7:30pm at The Doors Pub in Hamilton, Ontario

Dave from the (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) blog captured most of the sets and spoke with band members and residents of Skramden Yards at the venue's last show in August of 2014. There is a 16-minute video to pay homage to this great, basement community/hub for amazing bands and fantastic people.