2 Pre-Orders, Mini-Fest, Tape Release Show, Interview, Recordings and Breakup.

The news in a nutshell:

Pre-orders up:

SAID GONER interview

AMBER breaks up...so discography sale

ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS mini-fest Nov. 15th

CONGRATULATIONS tape release show Nov. 26th

The YUSUKE and LÖRI split 12" is finally ready and ready for pre-order, which will end up shipping before mid-November. As you may have noticed, LÖRI has changed their name so here is their new facebook link.

After some decent releases, NOUS ÉTIONS has dropped something that truly taps their influences but comes across as unique to the band, and it absolutely destroys. Fans of Sed Non Satiata, La Parade and Engineer take note.

NOUS ÉTIONS - La Manière Noire (12")

NOUS ÉTIONS - 'La Manière Noire'

338 copies, clear with black smoke 12" vinyl, insert. Released November 26th, 2014.

For fans of: Sed Non Satiata, Engineer and Gantz.

Melodic and heavy post-hardcore, post-metal and screamo from Montreal, Quebec (friends with Black Love, no less!). Think Sed Non Satiata instrumentals and throaty Engineer-esque screamy growl. Beautiful music and beautiful artwork/vinyl.

Listen here:

Released on: 
Zegema Beach Records 
Ancient Injury Records 
Désordre Ordonné 
Don't Live Like Me Records 
Through Love Records

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Adam Ciresi (aka SAID GONER) did an extensive video interview about his debut album (among other things) released on a few labels, including ZBR, earlier this month. Check it out here and grab the 12" below to get the 2 bonus songs not included on the album!

It is very sad to reiterate, in case you hadn't heard, but AMBER broke up the other week after the new vocalist Julian left the band. Leaving a band for personal reasons is one thing, but skipping out 4 days before recording for the vocals for the LP is another. More news about the 12"LP when it becomes available. Until then, I have vinyl discography packages on sale. Remember, none of this stuff will be repressed and I've got less than 10 first presses of Lovesaken left in those packages. Check it out below.

мятеж are currently recording vocals to finish up their demo tape that will be released on ZBR and Friendly Otter. Chris (Jenny Piccolo, Yaphet Kotto, Anal Knieval and The Anasazi) and Dave (Zegema Beach Records) have over 10 tunes written that will be released on the tape, some compilations, a split with People's Temple Project and...something else? We're not sure yet. Here is one of the songs that will be on the demo tape.

The ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS mini-fest is happening on November 15th and there are currently 11 acts set to go, so here they are in the tentative order we expect to occur, starting with the closing band:
Thick Piss
Worst Gift
Old Soul
Quiet Lakes
Black Love
Terry Green
Dinosaur Sex Change
Jimmy and the Jerks

Check the facebook page here for updates and location and whatnot.

If you are itching to get the new CONGRATULATIONS tape then make sure you are available on Wednesday, November 26th after 8:30pm so you can come to an amazing cassette release party for Congratulations' demo along with Montreal's NOUS ETIONS and Mississauga's TERRY GREEN. The demo is at the duplication centre as I write this, so pre-order will go up in mid-November. An extra note that we haven't shared with anyone yet, ZBR is "making" a "music video" for CONGRATULATIONS' "Aren't you frightened skinny, scary skeleton?" which will be released on November 25th. Here is the facebook link and you can check one of the newer tracks below, titled "Gospel".