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SAID GONER's debut LP is now up for streaming (here) and pre-order (below)! If you decide to pick up this gem now (it will be shipped out late September) you will also be graced with some b-side tracks in your free download of the album. If you are a sucker for heartfelt (but not cheesy) acoustic/rock/folk music check this out, it's amazing. From the mind of Adam Ciresi (Carrion Spring, Logs).

SAID GONER - Said Goner (12")

For fans of: Mansions, Rocky Votolato, Waxwing, Dashboard Confessional, Johnny Cash, Songs Ohia and Kind Of Like Spitting.

This stunning debut solo record from Adam of Carrion Spring and Logs fame is absolutely incredible. Pre-order gets 2 unreleased tracks included alongside the album which will be sent to your email address as a thank you for ordering!

Transparent 12" vinyl w/black smoke out of 550. 11 songs including a Boy Sets Fire cover. Recorded/Mastered by Will Killingsworth.
Labels included:
- Zegema Beach Records (Canada)
- Ancient Injury Records (USA)
- Sieve and Sand Records (France)

Listen here:

And here's a review of the entire album:

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Finland's ∞ (pronounced "eight", like the number) Emme Näe Elämää is a journey, no doubt. Over ? minutes it weaves its spell of atmospheric screamo and shoegaze and will be huge for fans of Trachimbrod, Mogwai, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, Envy and Old Soul. 2 songs have now been posted on the ZBR bandcamp page so be sure to hit them up. They are both long and intimate with lots of screaming and wailing guitars that sound like a goddamn national anthem. Stream them here.

(((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) reviewed both the new YUSUKE and BLACK LOVE releases.

You can also stream the entire BLACK LOVE album here and pre-order the son of a bitch below!