DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME's new 12" LP on clear vinyl with 3 different screen-printed B-sides has been posted on the ZBR Bandcamp page. Stream it here! The current release date is October 21st and pre-orders will be going up in the next few weeks. I've been jamming this for a month - it's amazing. For fans of La Quiete, The Sky Above And Earth Below as well as Arches and Hugs.

CALLOW will be releasing their new EP on ZBR in 2014! I am super psyched about this and can't wait to hear the material that will populate this release, as their records have been consistently getting better. They released an EP in 2012 titled 'Disappear Here", a song for a comp in 2013 and have an upcoming split with Jungbluth that I've heard and it's absolutely insane. For any fans of Cassilis, Phoenix Bodies, Botch and Creeper - you best go here. I will be posting a band page for CALLOW this week.

LA PARADE has pretty much wrapped up their recording! 10 tracks have been completed and will be sent for mixing/mastering in the coming weeks. There is some amazing news regarding the artwork, but we'll share that sexy little nugget for later! Studio videos and pictures will be posted soon!

The AMBER self-titled 12" is currently at the pressing plant and we're currently waiting for the test presses. Here is the cover art. Pre-orders should go up in November!

The distro has been updated with new records including, among others:

-Danse Macabre
-Lentic Waters / Planks split
-Sanctions / Dawn split
-The Third Memory