VIA FONDO tracks / AMBER art / DESCUBRIENDO pre-order date

VIA FONDO has submitted their 3 songs for their upcoming vinyl release entitled 'Fast' on Zegema Beach Records and Truelove Entertainment in late 2013/early 2014. These songs are unbelievable! The band was going for a sound that makes the listener feel stuck, as "fast" translates to "stuck". I would describe it as a beautifully balanced mash-up of La Quiete, Trachimbrod, Deafheaven and Old Soul. Watch the video below so you can get the idea. "Rovaniemi" will appear on 'Fast', and it's absolutely ridiculous.

More details coming next week regarding vinyl specifics! The vinyl will almost be as amazing as the songs!

AMBER 'Lovesaken' LPs on 3 different colours are available in the distro, but copies of this first press are running low! You can grab black, white or white with blue splatter here!

AMBER's art for their 'Amber' 12" vinyl release has been officially posted below. The artwork was done by the very talented and often confused/bearded Brent Wellington. Contact if you would like to acquire his services or talk about the Green Bay Packers.



The insert contains lyrics and additional artwork by Brent - but you have to buy it to see it!

 DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME's pre-order date will be October 17th, 2013. So don't forget!!! Depending on your shipping location, there are 3 options:

North America: Zegema Beach Records

Europe: Dog Knights Productions   

SpainWalking Is Honest Records

))))))))))STREAM IT HERE((((((((((

The proper checkout system will be operational by October 17th, 2013.  Until then, simply email to place an order.