LA QUIETE and REACT WITH PROTEST Records in the Distro!


That's right, the best in European music is now available in North America! Remember, I do ship worldwide;) I have numerous copies of al 3 of LA QUIETE's releases, as well as LPs from RAEIN, TEMPEST, DOLCIM, THE THIRD MEMORY and RESURRECTIONISTS, to name a few.

There's over 20 new items up with more being posted daily. There are also daily updates to the Rare Items section in the 'Shop'. Recent additions were TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR 7"s, a rare PELICAN 12", the obscure KAOSPILOT 12" 'Shadows' and three ROCKY VOTOLATO 7"s.

LOMA PRIETA just sent me back an interview - so look for that in the near future! LA QUIETE has also agreed to an interview!