LA PARADE Music Video / SAID GONER announcement / ICE HOCKEY releasing 7"

Holy hell, check this out. LA PARADE went and made a sweet video for "Descarne" with the help of El Marrano Muetro. Check it out below! The album 'Voices in

Exile' is going press this month!

SAID GONER is the solo project of Adam Brock Ciresi. You probably know Adam as the vocalist/bassist for the very heavy and chaotic punk/hardcore/screamo band Carrion Spring. These songs seem like they come from a different person. Every track is totally different and it shows the range that Adam was concealing under the screaming he constantly does in Carrion Spring. SAID GONER's debut 12"LP will be limited to 300 copies and released in early 2014. More info coming soon. In the meantime, stream 3 songs by click on the album cover below.

ICE HOCKEY will be releasing their 7" on Zegema Beach, Offf Clouddd 9 and Coffin Boner Records early next year. The EP is currently streaming on the band's bandcamp page and can be accessed by clicking on the picture below. ICE HOCKEY's 5 songs on 'The Way It Is Now' are the best screamo songs we've heard in a long time and the band sounds similar to Ten Grand, Mara'akate and The Sky Above And Earth Below.