ZAMPLER Track 19 = Callow

CALLOW resides in Philly and has been kicking our asses for the last 5 months, aka when Anthony sent us their 'Disappear Here' EP. Besides an upcoming split with German heavyweights Jungbluth, CALLOW will be teaming up with Zegema Beach Records in mid-2014 for a new EP! The new Zampler will be released in 3 more days! So many amazing bands!

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ZAMPLER Track 13 = Chuck Bass (unreleased)

CHUCK BASS contacted ZBR about 4 months ago and blew us away with their sweet blend of hardcore and screamo. Check this post to hear an unreleased sample from their upcoming split with Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket which will be released on Zegema Beach Records in early 2014!. Fans of Descubriendo A Mr. Mime, Hugs, Daitro, Nous Etions and La Quiete, take note. Also, the track listing for the new ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS Zampler #2 compilation has been posted.

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LA PARADE Music Video / SAID GONER announcement / ICE HOCKEY releasing 7"

It's been a crazy week already over here at ZBR:

*LA PARADE releases debut music video for "Descarne"
*SAID GONER (Adam from Carrion Spring's solo project) to release debut LP early 2014
*ICE HOCKEY releasing 'The Way It Is Now' 7" in January


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