VIA FONDO etched 12" / GREYSCALE 'Heaven Knows' 7" / CALLOW page / LOMA PRIETA exclusive interview!

*VIA FONDO's upcoming 3 track release will end up being a 1-sided etched 12"! It's going to be spectacular. We had to shelve the 7" idea after the band's tracks came in as too long! More information coming soon!


*GREYSCALE's upcoming 7" will be titled 'Heaven Knows '. Anyone who knows the PREACHER graphic novels will eat up the song names - "Cassidy" and "Tulip". These 2 tracks clock in at over 11 minutes and are the most expansive, shifting and complete songs that the band has recorded to date!

*CALLOW's band page is up and running. Make sure to check it out here and grab 'Disappear Here' from their bandcamp page, linked here. They have an upcoming split with Jungbluth, who also recently dropped a killer album called 'Part Ache ' a few weeks ago. Grab 'Part Ache' here.

*LOMA PRIETA's exclusive interview with OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain has been posted in the interviews section. Or click here to go to the interview link and watch a full live set from 2011.

*Lastly, but certainly not least, DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME pre-orders go up tomorrow! There's only 50 allocated with North American shipping, so I would jump on these! ZBR has more exciting news to announce tomorrow as well!!!