CALLOW, not unlike Cassilis (who also hail from Philly and are part of the ZBR family) play corrosive post-hardcore rusted with screamo. Lots of intense riffing. Check. Dual vocals. Check.  Massive breakdowns. Check. Check. Check.

The band has a strong work ethic - releasing an EP, comp track and split with Jungbluth and an upcoming split 7" all in a little over a year, in addition to their Zegema Beach Records debut EP being released in 2014. It will most likely melt your speakers, so make sure you get one of those insane warranties that allows you to break the thing 100 times and bring it back in to be replaced. Actually, you'll probably need that warranty on the majority of your house. And your life.

Zegema Beach Records received an email from CALLOW in September of 2013. We had never heard of CALLOW at ZBR, but now we blast them every day. Upon listening, we collectively shat our pants.  Their compilation track caught our attention first and the 'Disappear Here' EP solidified our belief that this band was worth checking out.

They have a split 7" with Jungbluth coming out later this year as well as a another split release in the near future. They will be touring in 2014 and releasing their next EP right here on Zegema Beach Records, so check back often!