DESCUBRIENDO pre-order is up! / CARRION SPRING and TENTACLES to release on ZBR!

*For those who didn't read the TENTACLES interview posted yesterday (read that here), Zegema Beach Records will be releasing 'Cogita Mori' on cassette in early 2014. If you would prefer the release on 7" vinyl, there is no waiting! You can get it in the distro shop, linked here. The shop is now 100% operational with credit card payment options. No more emailing your orders!

*ZBR has also been speaking with CARRION SPRING for quite some time, and we have decided to release a rare/out-of-print vinyl collection! More news about this 2014 release soon! In the meantime, grab a copy of their fantastic new cassette 'Indescretions Vol.1' from Protagonist Records right here.

 *ZBR officially get under way today with the North American pre-order for DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME's new 8 song LP. Check the deets below. There are only 16 copies of each B-side variation available - so order yours now!!!

European people, you can already buy the preorder from Dog Knights Productions on their bigcartel.

Y por último, todos aquellos que querais comprar el disco en España no teneis mas que mandarle un mail a Walking is still honest Records y reservad vuestra copia.

A huge thanks goes out to these 2 labels for their support with this release!

DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME - ...y ya no me quedan dientes por arrancarme (12")
from 16.00

For fans of: The Sky Above And Earth Below, La Quiete and Arches.

DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME's new 8-track album is a transparent, 1-sided 12" with a B-sided silk-screen that has 3 different screening options! This is limited to 250, with 50 being in North America via Zegema Beach Records, with only 16 copies of each cover. Buyers also receive a matching sticker to go with the chosen B-side artwork on the plastic sleeve.

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