A Million Things At Once (and ZBR FEST 2019)

It’s been pretty nutty as of late, but we’re still on top of everything…just not here. We post most of our stuff on facebook so feel free to find us there. In case you missed a few things:

***10 new releases in the last few months, all linked below the fest posters!!!

***KOMUSO 7”s lost by DHL/Canada Post, putting the actual number at 200 instead of 300 :( but there’s a repress coming

***RESPIRE represses of both 12”s now in stock on brand new variants

***COARSE alternate covers/20

***Shove Records distro, GOSPEL + CAROL 12”s added to both the U.S.A. and Canada/International stores

***Canada store has GIFTS FROM ENOLA 2x12” and U.S. store has a bunch of random stuff

***EXTRA ATTENTION video series
check out amazing new videos from LOCKTENDER, CASSILIS, TERRY GREEN, RUTKA LASKIER and COARSE

***2 rare Zamplers left with gold foil interiors ship to customers in and around the BC area, double as a free pass to Zegema Beach Records fest May 31-June 2, 2019 (Nuvolascura, Reveries, etc.)

Speaking of Zegema Beach Records Fest 2019, we put up a nifty ZBR Fest 2019 website which has the band links, audio, fest info and lineups. CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE HERE. Or go here to buy a pre-sale ticket before May 10th and get a bunch of free tapes and records. If you click on any of those sexy ZBR Festival posters below you’ll be taken to the facebook event group.

Here are our new ZBR releases, available in both the Canada and U.S. stores…

RESPIRE - Dénouement (12"LP)
from 16.00

RESPIRE - Dénouement 12"LP (ZBR115)

For fans of: Locktender, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and Suffocate For Fuck Sake

This is the sophomore LP from the incredibly hard-working and talented RESPIRE. From Toronto, these six individuals collectively create a moody, emotionally draining and epic masterpiece that's even better than 'Gravity and Grace'. It's softer. It's harder. Cripes, it features more than 10 musicians at times! Get on this first press before they sell out just like the first LP. Album of the year contender, without a doubt.

'Dénouement' 12" vinyl (1st press):
Transparent red /300
Red with black splatter /100
White with red splatter /100

2nd press:
Half Red/Half Black /300

Deluxe 180 gram vinyl with printed jacket, black inner sleeve, and 24-page booklet. 8 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

Vinyl colour:
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APOSTLES OF ERIS / RAINING - Split (cassette)
from 6.50

APOSTLES OF ERIS / RAINING - Split (cassette) (ZBR151)

For fans ofMihai Edrisch, Raein, In Loving Memory and Infant Island.

A very diy split, U.S./Canada’s APOSTLES OF ERIS knock out 5 songs of European inspired screamo/post-hardcore and features members of Altar Of Complaints, Majorel, In Wolves’ Clothing, Mrtex, The World That Summer, Swallows Nest, etc while New Zealand’s RAINING added two new members and a whole lot more screaming and chaos. Beautiful Chinese artwork with layout by Dave Cullen and packaging by Dave Norman.

100 tapes. 50 clear w/blue sparkle and 50 clear w/gold sparkle. Each tape variant comes in 25 o-cards and 25 swirled marble cases. and an insert. 5 songs by each band. Download code included.

Listen here:

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мятеж - Riot/Mutiny (cassette)
from 7.00

мятеж - ‘Riot/Mutiny‘ cassette (ZBR149)

for fans of: Orchid, Mörser and The World That Summer.

The final мятеж release. 2 songs. First half heavy, second half dreamy, in classic мятеж style. Super limited release with 23 copies through Zegema Beach Records on diy swirled marble tapes, 13 of which are in resealable plastic bags and the other 10 are shipped in diy swirled marble cases. I gotta say, they look pretty sweet. There are also 15 copies via Larry Records and some 7” lathes through our friends at Akashita Corp.

Swirled marble rubine red tapes/23 with j-card and gold download card in a resealable plastic sleeve (/13) or in a swirled marble case (/10). 2 songs.

Listen here:

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RAYLEIGH - Last Word (cassetteEP)
from 6.50

RAYLEIGH - 'Last Word' cassetteEP (ZBR154)

For fans ofItto, Loma Prieta and Mahria.

It seems fitting that we release the final RAYLEIGH release, as we also did their first EP back in the early ZBR days. While the first was slow and brooding, ‘Last Word’ is a blaze of technical glory and passionate screaming that fans of Mahria, Itto, Nuvolascura and Blind Girls will adore. Featuring members of: Obroa-skai, Detroit, Kuroi Jukai, Larch Park and Mahria.

Out of 50 borderless white cassettes /30 regular and /20 swirled marble (10 gold in Canada & 10 silver in the U.S.A.) with j-card, lyrics insert. 4 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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YAROSTAN / ALESKA - 2xLP split (cassette)
from 8.00

YAROSTAN / ALESKA - 2xLP split (cassette) (ZBR155)

For fans ofDaïtro, Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket, Envy, Amanda Woodward and We Never Learned To Live

A Zegema Beach Records exclusive, this 70+ minute cassette features two unreal new full lengths from France. Side A is YAROSTAN’s phenomenal debut 5-track album that includes dual vocals and some excellent singing that almost extends to 12XU and Baton Rouge territory. Side B houses ALESKA’s new 8-track full length that also boasts dual screams, albeit a bit heavier and with a nice grasp of riding the extremes.

20 four-color marble swirl tapes (+4 tests) & 30 solid silver metallic sparkle cassettes with j-card in a plastic sleeve /54. 13 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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WET PETALS - II (cassette)

WET PETALS - II (cassette) (ZBR147)

For fans ofDeers!, Yusuke and мища

The second WET PETALS full length is finally available in physical format from Zegema Beach and Larry Records. Limited to 45 copies in a manila envelope, you’d be silly not to jump on this. 8 ridiculously awesome/original tunes…except that Joanna Newsom cover…that may not be original but good god is it still amazing.

Pink cassettes in a stamped manila envelope with inserts /45. 8 songs.

Listen here:

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IEATHEARTATTACKS - Please Just Dance Death + Hello Cole Porter (cassette)
from 6.00

IEATHEARTATTACKS - 'Please Just Dance Death + Hello Cole Porter' cassetteLP+EP (ZBR143)

For fans ofThe Blood Brothers, Graf Orlock and Transistor Transistor.

This is a cassette created out of love for Norway's IEATHEARTATTACKS. Releasing the 'Please Just Dance Death' on tape for the first time alongside the first ever physical release of the 'Hello Cole Porter' EP, remastered by Liam Kriz. Cassettes are /100, with 20 copies coming with silver sparkle covers. Cassettes designed by David Norman. Layout by Dave Cullen.

Out of 100 on purple tinted cassettes w/80 regular covers and /20 sparkle covers, with 2-sided j-cards. 12 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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DIM INTO DROSS - Specters of Indifference (cassette)

DIM INTO DROSS - Specters of Indifference (cassette) (ZBR148)

For fans ofMassa Nera, Tera Melos, Bury Yourself and Capsule

All over the place without ever losing the groove, members of Massa Nera, Invalids and Bury Yourself release a furious debut full length. Brimming with caustic riffs that successfully straddle the line between technical and memorable.

Black/White cassettes with O-card and lyric book /60. 10 songs.

Listen here:

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NIONDE PLÅGAN - Reflektion (12"LP)
from 18.50

NIONDE PLÅGAN - Reflektion 12"LP (ZBR128)

For fans of: Isis, Les Deux Minutes De La Haine and Respire.

New album by swedish NIONDE PLAGAN. Reflektion comes on black (/200) and on beer with black splatter (/100) vinyl.

Listen here:

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For fans of: Funeral Diner, Snag, Kidcrash and Off Minor.

A split years in the making finally sees the light of day, with two incredible U.S. screamo bands offering up a total of 30 minutes of chill emo all the way to explosive, cathartic, dual vocal screamo. PTP has been releasing for years now and their 7 songs come in as their most mature, atmospheric and epic of all of their material thus far. SW drops 3 new tunes, with two of them being five-minutes plus in length and coming across as even heavier than their earlier Kidcrash/Off Minor jazz/screamo worship.

12” black vinyl/300. 7 songs by PTP and 3 by SW. Download code included.

Listen here:

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BINARY - Commit More Arson (12"LP)

BINARY - Commit More Arson 12" (ZBR126)

For fans of: Black Nail, Kiss 2 and SeeYouSpaceCowboy.

This 2018 debut LP was phenomenal, with the 12” version coming the following year. So, we are stoked to present hand-numbered BINARY ‘Commit More Arson’ 12”s on single-sided black vinyl.

12” black vinyl/300. 9 song. Sticker and download code included.

Listen here:

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MODERN RIFLES - LP + B-Sides (cassette)
from 6.00

MODERN RIFLES - 'LP + B-Sides' cassetteLP (ZBR141)

For fans ofBlue Youth, Riddle Of Steel and Jimmy Eat World.

Originally released on cd in 2008 minus three key tracks, MODERN RIFLES’ ‘It Was Dark, I Was Young’ LP. Beautifully melodic, frustratingly catchy with enough technical chops to fix your ailing computer woes. They really do their own thing but it’s a mish-mash of mathy emo, pop-punk and indie rock with a splash of post-hardcore. A faster, darker, more complex version of Jimmy Eat World is probably a good comparison.

cassette on green/25 and old computer/25 with different cover and insert variants. 14 songs. Download code included.


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CAPE LIGHT - A Discography (cassetteLP)
from 6.50

CAPE LIGHT - 'A Discography' cassetteEP (ZBR142)

CAPE LIGHT - 'A Discography' cassetteLP (ZBR142)

For fans of: Loma Prieta, Eyelet and Komuso.

A release forged by pure love, this is the 10-track discography cassette release for Japan’s CAPE LIGHT. Over two EPs and a split with fellow Tokyo screamers 5000, CAPE LIGHT created a mystifying concoction of abrasive noise, devastating hardcore and melodic screamo. These songs were all released in Japan by Adabana Records, thus making it the first time they have been collected and released elsewhere. There are 50 tapes, 40 on smokey grey with 2-sided sparkle covers and another 10 on platinum silver, but they are housed in printed tissue and sealed with silver foil tape. New art by David Norman. Layout by Dave Cullen.

Out of 50 cassettes 40 on smokey grey with 2-sided sparkle covers and 10 on platinum silver with 2-sided sparkle covers wrapped in printed tissue and sealed with silver foil tape. 10 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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COARSE - I (7"EP) [alt cover]

COARSE - I 7"EP (ZBR124.2)

For fans of: Norma Jean, Botch and Vein.

Mathy metalcore straight from the womb of Norma Jean. COARSE are an intense and pummeling onslaught from drummer/vocalist Brandon (ex-Old Wounds) and guitarist/vocalist Ryan (ex-Capsize) and this is their absolutely ridiculous debut 7"EP, complete with six phenomenal mindfucks. All pre-orders from ZBR come with a free COARSE sticker and Zegema Beach Records sticker.

7" vinyl on black /320 with alternate Japan tour champagne pearl sparkle foldover jacket (#/20). Download code included. 6 tracks.

Listen here:


Zine included:
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