TENTACLES LP in stock / LAMANTIDE streaming / мятеж & PTP split streaming

First off, there will be tons of news coming in the next few weeks as more and more records and tapes flow into ZBR via our releases as well as the distro. Check back every Monday/Tuesday during November for big ole updates galore.

The TENTACLES 12"LP 'Ambivalence' arrived today and is up to order. This is the best heavy album of 2015 and will shred the skin and muscles from your bones. Think Phoenix Bodies meets Discordance Axis. So good it's stupid. Listen/download in full here and order here.

TENTACLES - Ambivalence (12")


For fans of: Rorcal, Phoenix Bodies and Discordance Axis.

TENTACLES deliver their first proper full length after nearly a decade of being a band. This album is fucking epic, with blasts of noise culminating in a minute and a half songs as well as huge swells of black waves. Easily in our top 3 records of 2015. In short, 7 tracks of face shredding metallic grind/emo-violence.

Black vinyl. 7 songs. Released on Zegema Beach Records, React With Protest, IFB Records and Deadwood Records.

Listen here:

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LAMANTIDE's new 12"EP 'Carnis Tempora Abyssus' is now streaming in full on their bandcamp page, linked here Be sure to check out this stellar release that comes after an absence of 4 years spent in recording silence. Fans of Lentic Waters, Tentacles and Botch. The 12" will be posted for sale in the next few days (aka after the records arrive, which are already on their way).

The мятеж / PEOPLE'S TEMPLE PROJECT split 7" has two songs streaming on bandcamp which is linked here. These should be in stock early-mid November and then мятеж moves on to their 7" split with Det Ar Darfor Vi Bygger Stader.

Still new:
COMA REGALIA - Ours is the Cause Most Noble 2x7"LP (listen here)
LENTIC WATERS - The Path 12"LP (listen here)
ENDAMORI / BIG MACHINE - split cassetteLP (listen here)

Coming in November:
LAMANTIDE - Carnis Tempora Abyssus 12"LP
NIONDE PLAGAN - Frustration 12"LP
KEN BURNS - Ken Burns 7"EP
TERRY GREEN / HUGE COSMIC - split cassetteEP

Coming in December:
WORST GIFT - Shitty Loser Riffs 12"EP