FOXMOULDER & COMA REGALIA 5" in stock / Nerves Of Steel + rare stuff in store / VI SOM ALSKADE going to print

The FOXMOULDER / COMA REGALIA transparent green 5" vinyl is in stock! You have a choice between the really rare yellow inked version (10 available) or the standard green (90 available).

VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET will be going to press in the next few days. This 8-track LP is going to be one of my top 5 releases for the year, no doubt. Grab their 7" split with Chuck Bass in the meantime, which has 1 exclusive track that will help wet your appetite for the upcoming 12".

Don't forget that the new ZAMPLER #3 - Nerves Of Steel is available for download and cdr purchase. 24 tracks including 7 previously unreleased songs from a plethora of bands that will make your head explode.

There's also been a steady influx of new as well as rare products finding their way into the store. Check back every 2-3 days for more products. The most recent gems are Neil Perry, Kaospilot, Ember, C'est Urekha!, Jiyuna, Virginia On Duty, Congratulations, Life In Vacuum and there's still a few Botch hoodies left, including 1 more medium!