мятеж & PTP split soon / Ken Burns 7" / Protest The Hero video interview / Nionde Plågan / ABA Fest / Secret Smoker/Alarms & Controls split 7"

It's been awhile since the last official ZBR update, but that doesn't mean things are any less crazy. The ENDAMORI / BIG MACHINE split cassette goes to the plant in April so that will be ready in May. The final KEN BURNS 7" should be in stock in the next month or two. The DUCT HEARTS 7" should be in shortly as well. There's more news below, so check it all out.

Lucas Hoskin from PROTEST THE HERO chatted it up with Dave from ZBR and (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) in a two-part video interview that you can watch below or be taken to the actual review that accompany the interview here. There are also 12 live videos linked here if you'd like to watch part of their set from a February 7th show in Hamilton, Ontario.

Part 1 - The Floating Head

Part 2 - Disco Fiasco

Dave also spoke with Stephen Pierce, who has dabbled in vocals for the almighty Ampere, Montcalm, The Last Forty Seconds and Kindling. The entire mp3 discography for Montcalm was posted along with the interview so go here for that. Embedded here is a video of Ampere performing at the Austin Blood Alliance fest on January 31st, 2015. You can watch a bunch of videos from the bands here.

NIONDE PLÅGAN are from Sweden. Lukas (the drummer) also plays in Trachimbrod and I Love Your Lifestyle which work with ZBR. So when he sent me the songs I gave them a listen right away and was absolutely stunned. The massive nature of the music and vocals combine for a truly immense journey through post-hardcore/screamo heaven. Think older Hopesfall meets Amber. It's fucking unreal. 10 songs coming in September of 2015.

мятеж and PEOPLE's TEMPLE PROJECT have finished recording their songs for an upcoming split. It should be out by the beginning of July if everything goes as planned. 3 songs by each band. We are also talking about a short tour centered around July 12th for a week in the US. We'll see what develops.
мятеж also has a song called "Congratulations, You Get to Drink from the Fire Hose" that will appear on a compilation being put out by Friendly Otter Records and another song titled "Accidental Coffin Making" on a 7" compilation for Middle Man Records. Both should be out this summer/fall.

The SECRET SMOKER / ALARMS & CONTROLS split 7" arrived at our doorstep yesterday. They are limited to 300 copies between ZBR and our heroes over at Protagonist Music. We will add a combo package with 'Terminal Architecture' shortly.

We'd also recommend perusing the NEW ITEMS section in the store every few days, as over the past two weeks an item has gone up once per day. Here are a few of the things posted in the last week:
THOU - Heathen 2x12"
DARKHAUSEN - Schluessel 12"
FAILURES - Decline and Fall 12"
MOURNING CLOAK - No Visible Light 12"
EMPATHY (various) - Comp tape
ANDROID 18 - Six tape