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CARELESS and Zegema Beach Records are streaming the new 12"LP 'I Wish You Away' which will be released shortly. If you like Via Fondo, Suis La Lune and Black Love check out this awesome new Swedish band! Stream and download it here!

I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE 7" pre-order and bundles both colours/discog coming next week!

I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE - I Was a Loser in High School (7")
from 7.00

released on February 6th, 2015

For fans of: Algernon Cadwallader, Cap'n'Jazz and American Football.

Featuring the vocalist of Trachimbrod, I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE is back with their second release, the 3-track 'I Was a Loser in High School'. More sweet, sweet melodies and crazy instrumentals (think Algernon and The Reptilian) will leave you aching for a full on LP - we certainly are! Punk meets pop meets twinkle meets hardcore. Yep.

150 pink/150 white 7" vinyl. 3 tracks.

Listen to the title track here:

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VIA FONDO 'Efter, Utan Under' 12"LP out now! There is also a bundle option with the 'Fast' 12"EP for only $25!

SECRET SMOKER / ALARMS AND CONTROLS split 7" premiere coming February 24th on with the pre-order coming the same day. Co-released with Protagonist Records!

DISTRO updates!
Ice Hockey tape and poster
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Albatros 7"
Youth Novel t-shirts
Mothlight tape
whack of posters, on C!

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