MALEVICH teaser/pre-order!!! / CARRION SPRING alternates / French distro invasion!

Hi folks, a few quick but amazing things!

The MALEVICH pre-order and an album teaser have gone up, and we’re doing 50 cassettes, 40 on marble swirl and 10 on black! These 9 songs are heavy as fuck and will knock you on your ass in no time. Three vocalists…my god…three vocalists to shred each ear and have one left over for your face. Grab a copy quick in this store (Canada/International) or the U.S. store linked here. Check out the trailer via CVLT NATION here or below!

pre-order!!! MALEVICH - Our Hollow (cassetteLP)
from 6.00

MALEVICH - Our Hollow (cassetteLP) (ZBR169)

For fans ofRorcal, Tentacles and Meth.

Crushing, devastating and haunting, the new LP by Georgia’s MALEVICH will fucking floor you. Dual guitars of death, tri-vocals, vicious drumming and mammoth bass. ‘Our Hollow’ is a twisting ride through bleak, discordant catharsis and broken stagnation. Malevich distort the boundaries between the aggressive and esoteric; angular guitars with pulsing blast beats pull the listener into moments of tortured reflection..

50 tapes, 10 on black and 40 on swirled marble w/j-card. 9 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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The CARRION SPRING tapes are now shipping, and we also have 8 copies of the band’s version of the tape in both stores! Oooooooo sexy times!

CARRION SPRING - Carrion Spring (cassetteLP)
from 6.00

CARRION SPRING - Carrion Spring (cassetteLP) (ZBR167)

For fans ofCrowning, Déraciné and Kidcrash

The final recordings from the previous iteration of Portland’s CARRION SPRING encapsulates over a decade of stellar releases and impeccable work ethic. Working with Adam and Carrion Spring has been on our “wish list” since the label’s inception, so we are beaming right now. 13 tracks that switch between raging screamo/hardcore and ambient interludes. Members of Kidcrash, Said Goner, Logs, Wild Guess, etc.

50 tapes over 3 variants w/j-card. 13 songs. Download code included.
10 on red
10 New Friends Fest exclusive
30 fire marble swirl

Listen here:

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We have recently acquired a bundle of ALESKA 12”s and YAROSTAN 12”s, so the next five 12”s bought receive a free split cassette of the two bands /50!

ALESKA - Construire ou détruire (12")

ALESKA - Construire ou détruire 12”LP

For fans ofDaïtro, Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket, Envy, Amanda Woodward and We Never Learned To Live

ALESKA’s new 8-track full length that also boasts dual screams, sometimes screaming and sometimes singing (think Sed Non Satiata) and the driving screamo/post-hardcore soundscapes of French pioneers Daitro.

Black 12” vinyl w/lyric insert. 8 songs.

Listen here:

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YAROSTAN - Yarostan (12")

YAROSTAN - Yarostan (12”LP)

For fans ofDaïtro, Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket and Envy

YAROSTAN’s phenomenal debut 5-track album that includes dual vocals and some excellent singing that almost extends to 12XU and Baton Rouge territory.

Black 12” vinyl w/insert.

Listen here:

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Not only that, but we have just posted a plethora of European 12”s and 7”s in the distro so have at them before they’re all gone for good. Highlights include: Potence, 70 cm3 Of Your Chest, EUX, Nulajednanulanula, Viva Belgrado and Sore Eyelids!